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Physical health

Physical well-being is a central dimension of health and is one of the most important factors in our quality of life. Those who feel physically well are satisfied and perceive themselves as vital and productive. A healthy body is an indispensable basis for being successful in working life.

Sport, exercise and a balanced diet in particular contribute to physical well-being. For example, exercise promotes self-esteem and has a positive effect on resistance to stress and the ability to relax. Just a few hours of sport a week promote the ability to perform and concentrate. A diet that is individually tailored to everyday work also promotes physical and mental performance and prevents diet-related illnesses.

However, today's everyday work is characterized by a lack of exercise, recurring exercise sequences and malnutrition. 40 million days of absence can be traced back to back pain alone.

With PIMA, physical stress is uncovered, workplaces are designed to be health-friendly and your employees are made aware of how to integrate appropriate health-related behavior into everyday work. Ergonomic workplace design (proportional ergonomics) and the use of health-friendly work techniques (behavioral ergonomics) are just as much a part of our services as individual workshops and seminars. We turn quality of life, performance and productivity into your personal competitive advantage.

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