How should I use my purple shampoo

The secret of the purple shampoo has been revealed!

Why does hair turn yellow? And how can you remove those unwanted warm tones? We know how to keep a beautiful blonde color for as long as possible. In summer, winter, anytime!

Any blonde will surely tell us the truth that a beautiful blonde color takes a lot of effort and constant maintenance. Fortunately, there are many products on the market to revitalize or neutralize those blonde highlights. One is purple, silver, or silver shampoos. This shampoo should be a must have for any blonde who wants to keep her color beautiful until her next visit to the salon.

Why does hair turn yellow? ###

In the beginning it will be a little more professional, but just a little. Don’t worry. It may seem strange to you, however all hair colors have warm tones inside. You may not see them from the outside, but they are there. When lightening, unwanted warm tones often appear (red to brass for dark hair, gold to yellow for lighter hair). Darker hair is more likely to have warm tones because it contains high levels of feomelanin. It's not a particularly flattering color, which is why hairdressers usually do it after coloring it neutralizing toner use.

But that is not all. Unfortunately, because the colored hair likes to go back to that brassy yellow. It's worst in summer. Sun, air, smog, chlorine, salty and hard water do not benefit you at all. All of this has a detrimental effect on the blonde, and gradually the hair becomes undesirably warm tones. This process is technically called oxidation designated. And even if you leave the barber with a perfect icy blonde, you won't stay that way forever. It is therefore important to properly care for the paint and extend its life as much as possible. And the purple shampoos like "small toners" can be the miracle that will help you overcome this yellow.

What is silver shampoo?

To begin with, we would like to emphasize that purple and classic shampoo are not the same thing. So we shouldn't screw him up with him. It does not add moisture or nourishment to your hair, so it is not suitable for frequent washing. Silver Shampoo is a special type of shampoo that is specific purple to dark blue-purple color and used to remove warm tones from lightened hair. These pigments are absorbed into the hair in small amounts during washing, giving them cooler tones. You could say that it is a "yellow hair shampoo".

How does a purple shampoo work?

Silver shampoo works on the simple principle of color theory. You may remember the color wheel from the color numbering article. In short: colors that are directly opposite each other neutralize each other. So if you do a yellow hue the purple color is removed. That is why shampoos with purple pigments are only suitable for lightened hair for blondes, highlights, ombre or balayage, etc.

Danger! Each pitch (lightness / darkness of the natural hair color) has its characteristic pigments. Therefore, other color pigments are used against other undesirable undertones. For example, blue pigments counteract this Brass colors and red tones successfully destroy green pigments.

How do you use purple shampoo properly?

As already mentioned, silver shampoo does not replace ordinary shampoo and is not intended for daily washing. If we use it too often, it can happen that the hair catches a purple hue or overdies, becomes fragile and breaks more. Has it happened yet? Has your hair caught up in purple?? No panic! Purple pigments are gradually washed out. Just wash your hair a few times with regular shampoo and it's after a disaster. Don't overdo it with silver shampoos.

If you want to remove the yellow hue from your hair, the ideal is to set up an intense "purple procedure" in the first week, which you then do 1-2 times a week use as maintenance and use with your favorite shampoo or shampoo for blonde hair or less intense silver shampoo (e.g. MilkShake Silver Shine Light Shampoo or L'Oréal Series Expert Shine Blonde Shampoo. Are you planning that hair coloring? Watch out here! Do not use this shampoo at least a week before you go to the hairdresser as this can affect the outcome of the staining.

The duration of the campaign differs from brand to brand. Generally will a maximum of 5 minutes recommended. In fact, exceeding the action time can lead to the transfer of purple pigment. However, everyone needs to find the ideal time to work alone. The duration of action is not only influenced by the desired result, but also by the depth of yellowing, the type and quality of the hair. Damaged, fragile, and porous hair tends to hang more purple than strong, healthy hair.

Instructions on how to remove a yellow tone from your hair using silver shampoo

1) As a shampoo on wet hair

  • Rinse your hair before applying with warm water as this will widen the pores of the hair and the purple pigment will be better absorbed.
  • If the hair is very dirty, clean with a shampoo before the purple / blue shampoo.
  • Apply Silver Shampoo like a normal shampoo and 2-5 minutes Let it take effect (depending on the brand, hair type and desired result).
  • Rinse thoroughly until clear water drains off.
  • Finally, use a conditioner or mask as you are used to. Do not skip this step!

2) Like wrap on dry hair

Do you need a stronger effect? Try this alternate method of applying the shampoo on dry hair before wetting.

  • However, never apply the shampoo straight from the bottle, instead distribute the required amount in the palms of your hands first for a uniform result.
  • The duration of action is about 10-15 minutes, sometimes longer.
  • Then wash your hair as normal and use a conditioner and / or mask.

And what about undyed hair? Does the purple shampoo work?

Yellowing of the hair can occur regardless of whether your hair is colored or not. For example, gray hair is a common example in mature women who frequently struggle with yellowing. Natural hair doesn't lighten silver shampoos, not really, but they can change their tone and give them a colder touch. Also different Pigment pigments - pigmented sprays, masks, etc. - are great for undyed light hair. Alcina Pastel Spray Ice-Blonde is very popular.

And what if silver shampoo isn't enough? Does something else help?

If your silver shampoo isn't right for your hair, or doesn't suit you for some reason, you can too try other methods of enhancing your blonde mane:

Professional hair dye and washable colors for icy blondes

Coloring foam and spray with neutralizing effect

You can also supplement your hair care routine with additional maintenance to keep your hair color keep cool - Conditioners, masks or care without rinsing with purple blonde hair.


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