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Protect mobile data from hackers: Storymaker communicates for Lookout in the German market

The US company Lookout Mobile Security from San Francisco produces protective shields for the digital world. It helps both corporate and private customers to defend themselves against hacker attacks. Lookout recently unmasked "Pegasus", a spyware that attacked the Apple operating system iOS. A spectacular case that illustrated what is otherwise one of Lookout's greatest challenges: first of all, to make the virtual dangers for the affected mobile users visible in the first place. Storymaker has been at Lookout's side for this communication task since August - as a PR agency for the German market.

Björn Eichstädt, managing partner of Storymaker, spoke to Heather Mackinnon, Director of PR at Lookout in San Francisco, about the new threat posed by smartphone hacks and the Germans' lack of security awareness when it comes to mobile devices.

Björn Eichstädt: Heather, how is it that the Pegasus hack of all things attracted so much attention to your company?

Heather MacKinnon: Pegasus was the first major public showcase for an attack that explicitly targeted iPhone users. So since August 2016 we have known that the data on mobile iOS devices is also in the sights of hackers. This has suddenly shown many of the risks that private individuals and company employees expose themselves to if they do not take safety precautions. The fact that we can access our data from anywhere today is an enormous advantage that we should use. At the same time, we absolutely have to deal with the question of how we can better protect information about ourselves, but also company data, in the future.

BE: What makes the Lookout app so valuable for individuals and companies?

HM: Let's think for a moment about what information about ourselves and about our employer is available on our smartphone, for example. Each of us uses dozens of apps every day: We feed our smartphones with data on our fitness, we communicate with our friends or we go shopping. Of course, we also write professional emails, make phone calls and share content that relates to our job. Mobile devices are the ideal flight path for cyber attacks. They have spy technology preinstalled - cameras and microphones that we always carry around with us. This makes it clear how important it is to protect the devices and the extremely valuable data that are on them and to prevent unauthorized access.

BE: How can the German market in particular benefit from Lookout's solutions and knowledge?

HM: Security and data protection are particularly important to Germans, but are seen as a brake on innovation and productivity. German companies have to resolve this contradiction. Lookout can help you stay ahead of technology and productivity while leading the way in security.

BE: What are the most important topics in Lookout's communication?

HM: Whether in the USA, Europe or Germany: The number one challenge is to make people realize that mobile devices currently have too many security gaps and that mobile data is at risk. Many experts believe they already know enough about cybersecurity to master the topic. However, the new risks that mobile devices in particular harbor for data to be backed up are generally underestimated.

BE: Why did Lookout choose Storymaker as its communication partner in Germany?

HM: The Storymaker team consists of outstanding storytellers who listen to the target groups and understand our security issues and technologies. The employees are able to bring our content credibly, authentically and successfully into the German market. Storymaker also has excellent media contacts, even our first major message generated a huge wave of coverage.