What's your favorite anime for 2019

Thread: What's your favorite anime / manga?

Monster: A psychologically and technically simply brilliant anime. If you look at the drawing style and maybe read through the story description, you would not believe that it is so exciting - so you have to at least read the first few episodes to be able to judge: 'D It even takes place in Germany and the author has researched his material very well. There are many, many new characters introduced, and while you might think that leads to boredom (because you are not interested in them), I got the feeling that I was always happy about a new character. Everyone had their secrets, quirks and wisdom! In all honesty, I've just never heard of anyone who started this anime and was anything but impressed.
Bonus: Everything seems to be very well planned. So the story doesn't get any weaker over time.

Red River / Anatolia Story: A girl is catapulted back in time (watch how she is practically chosen as the goddess of war). Despite the (also) old style of drawing - I found the manga in my library back then. From today's (adult) point of view, I clearly see flaws with the story, but it's still very entertaining. There are so many guilty pleasure passages that I keep reading because the main character makes such an impression on people and I find their reactions so amusing.
Bonus: Well actually that's kind of a main point of the manga, but it also has a strong love story.

Other personal favorites, which are already very well known (keep in mind that I'm not too up to date with the new animes / mangas, I'm now more of a series lover):
- Death Note
- Attack On Titan
- Koe No Katachi (is actually not that well known. There is also a film about it that only lasts an hour and a half. It's very startling and the characters are very complicated, so it's really good!)
- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

I have a few others that I used to like a lot, but these are the anime / mangas that I would warmly recommend to anyone !! Ok .. Red River may not be for everyone because, as I said, this one is more special, but it still doesn't lose its fun. You have to make up your own mind. But the others are all flawless: ')