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Consumption Processes and Sustainability. Are our nutritional patterns sustainable?

Brunner, Karl-Michael (2002) Consumption Processes and Sustainability. Are our nutritional patterns sustainable? In: WU Annual Conference "Research for Business and Society", 5th-7th November 2002, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business.


The article deals theoretically and empirically with the connection between nutrition-related consumption processes and sustainable development. Sustainable development means that social development worldwide is examined for its ecological sustainability, its economic compatibility, its social justice and temporal durability and, if necessary, changed in this direction. Consumption-related is about the question of how lifestyle patterns and consumption styles can be changed in the western industrialized countries towards sustainability. The focus is also increasingly on the field of nutrition: How sustainable is our food system, what role do consumers play in this? How can nutritional patterns be changed towards sustainability, what opportunities exist and what barriers have to be overcome? Answering these questions requires an analysis of the current food system with its central components, development trends and actors as well as an examination of the everyday consumption and nutrition practices of people in the field of tension between work, leisure, household and everyday life. Based on the results of social scientific environmental and nutritional research and selected results of our own qualitative study on nutritional practices in different social milieus, the lecture will address the chances of more sustainable consumption in the field of nutrition against the background of development trends in the food system and macro-structural developments (e.g. individualization , Making work more flexible). Nutritional practices that are closer to and less sustainable are identified, discussed with regard to points of contact and obstacles for sustainability strategies and reflected on against the background of production and marketing structures as well as political framework conditions. (Author ref.)

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