How would Hillary Clinton have dealt with immigration

Ivanka Trump does not seem to have listened to her father when he spoke of his opponent Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election campaign only as "Crooked Hillary", as "the deceitful Hillary". The reason: As US Secretary of State, Clinton sent and received official e-mails via a private e-mail server. But if that's true, what the Washington Post now writes that US President Donald Trump would now have every reason to call his daughter "crooked".

Ivanka Trump, who works as a consultant for her father in the White House, is said to have also sent and received business messages via a private email address. All with the ending ... @ - also: i (vanka) j (ared) k (ushner) The White House ethics specialists found out when they looked through Ivanka Trump's e-mails in preparation for a judicial process, writes the Washington Post.

There were first indications of misconduct by Ivanka Trump in the spring of 2017. What is new now is that she continued afterwards as if nothing had happened. And that more than 1,000 emails from Ivanka Trump broke the rules. It was only in autumn 2017 that she stopped using her private email account for work-related questions.

White House staff, who got wind of the investigation, reportedly warned Ivanka Trump not to be lax with their correspondence. And were allegedly surprised at how Ivanka reacted: she was not so familiar with some details of the White House communication rules.

Since the Hillary Clinton e-mail affair at the latest, it should be clear to everyone who is interested in senior positions in the US government that one, the decisive rule, is: business matters are only dealt with via business e-mail. Address communicated.

Abbe Lowell, Ivanka Trump's attorney, confirmed the Washington Post the process now through his spokesman Peter Mirijanian. He says it only happened "now and then" that Ivanka Trump negotiated official matters in private emails. When she was briefed on the rules, she stopped. In addition, none of the messages contained any secret information. It was only about logistical and scheduling issues within the family.

Indeed, Ivanka Trump is unlikely to find it so easy to distinguish between business and private matters: her father is the president. Her husband Jared Kushner is also a Trump adviser in the White House.

Ivanka Trump does not want to have known the rules

The spokesman for her lawyer assured that Ivanka Trump had already handed over all private e-mails, in which official matters were concerned, to the competent authorities in the White House months ago. The White House is required by law to archive all official communications.

Mirijanian hurried into the Washington Postto highlight the differences from Clinton's email affair. Unlike Clinton, Ivanka Trump did not install her own e-mail server in her basement. And unlike in Clinton's case, thousands of emails were not deleted in the middle of an investigation. In fact, Clinton had kept most of her e-mail correspondence going through her private basement server for a while.

Hillary Clinton, like Ivanka Trump now, has indicated that she was not entirely clear about the e-mail rules. And both left it to their lawyers to check whether the emails contained confidential information. In Clinton's case, the FBI later came to the conclusion that 110 mails on Clinton's server had to be classified as secret. In the Ivanka Trump case, her lawyer found more than 1,000 emails that touched on official matters. And obviously it wasn't just about making family appointments. Published emails show that she also tried to establish contacts with employees in various ministries via her private emails. No drama, but against all the rules.

The investigation was initiated by Austin Evers of the liberal watch dog "American Oversight". He says it takes a lot of gullibility to take the president's daughter away, and that she didn't know about the rules. It was a "hypocritical" statement that her father had made Clinton's e-mail affair a key issue in the election campaign. Anyone who takes a job in the Trump administration should be highly alarmed about how they handle business email, Evers said.

Allegations without evidence

Trump had accused Clinton of corruption in the election campaign without any evidence. Your email affair is "worse than Watergate". He recently requested the release of all Clinton emails that were available to the FBI via Twitter. And his fans are still shouting at his rallies today: "Lock her up!" - lock her up.

The FBI investigation into Clinton, however, has revealed nothing criminally relevant. In the end, the then FBI boss James Comey gave her only one kind of reprimand: she was "extremely negligent" with her correspondence. Whether the same thing needs to be said about Ivanka Trump's emails can only be determined by an independent investigation.