What are some free VoIP phone services

VoIP and Internet telephony: Make phone calls conveniently over the Internet

Brief description Bria Solo is a communication tool for making calls over VoIP. The focus is on business meetings with high-resolution video transmission. Do you often play online games? With Teamspeak 3 you can conduct telephone conferences over the Internet and improve team coordination for perfect interaction. Via VoipBuster you can make free phone calls to landline and mobile numbers abroad. To do this, you use WiFi connections or your mobile data. Discord is a communication tool for coordinating your team in online games. Thanks to different channels, you never lose track of things. Ninja’s software phone can take on the functions of a real phone: make conversations, make calls and even record conversations. With Mumble you can make calls with the highest quality voice over the Internet. Discuss your tactics in online games or discuss current topics. The Satellite app gives you a German phone number and calls it worldwide via your internet connection without roaming charges. Ventrilo is a lightweight audio conference software for gamers. Communicate during a game or plan a new strategy for the next round. With MicroSIP you can establish a VoIP connection between two computers as well as call landline devices. With PhonerLite you can easily make VoIP calls using multiple SIP profiles. A phone book is integrated in the program. Amazon Chime improves communication on projects. Conduct online meetings, send documents and dial into the German landline network.