What makes TripAdvisor innovative

It must be said beforehand that with such a density of restaurants in Hong Kong, there is no need to look for star-studded eateries, and if you want to do that you really have to look for the absolute top.

Bo Innovations is undisputedly a top restaurant and if you want to experience something special in terms of restaurant / food / top gastronomy, etc. (and are not afraid of the price) then you are in very good hands here.

You need patience to get a table, but that too can be done. You also need patience to finally find the restaurant on your first visit, because the address given is in a side street. But once you are there, you can access the pleasantly modern restaurant through a small terrace in the middle of the surrounding higher houses.

The expectation is of course high and with a glass of champagne the menu is studied with 3 different very varied tasting menus. We decided on a 14-course chef menu. Sure, some of the courses were just single bites, a molecular foam or some other small thing, but every single dish was superbly composed and produced, incredibly beautifully presented and of course of a variety of flavors and sensations that are seldom found in restaurants even this top . Of course, there is also the synthesis of Asian flavor elements and dishes with the international cuisine, which make the overall experience so grandiose.

As an example, I would like to name 2 dishes that I particularly liked.
On the one hand, there was a dish called bamboo, which consisted of a piece of very lightly fried goose liver (in a never-before-seen, exceptionally excellent consistency) with small pieces of pickled Indian salad stalks and miso.

The 2nd dish that I would like to mention is called baby food. Here, chili crab is served in small jars, as we know them from ready-made baby food, the jars with the screw caps were of course made especially for this purpose. The whole thing is not only amazing in terms of taste but also a successful presentation.

But all of the other dishes on this very creative menu were also excellent.

The service was very courteous and attentive without being intrusive, unfortunately the explanation of the individual dishes was relatively short and often a little incomprehensible, but that didn't damage the excellent overall impression.

Unfortunately, the highest quality gastronomic service has its (mostly very high) price and if you want to have such an experience, as already mentioned at the beginning, you shouldn't shy away from it. The price-performance ratio in relation to the entire evening is appropriate in any case.