How are video game opening theaters made

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A well-rounded offer at the new location

Every two weeks the Triesner weekly market offers its visitors a wide range of different products. The products on offer at the stands are being used actively.

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Use synergies and benefit from them

The Formatio private school, the municipality of Triesen and the private university (UFL) are jointly committed to the educational location.

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"I'm more nervous when I have to watch"

The Triesner professional footballer Nicolas Hasler is working on his comeback after tearing the syndesmosis tape at the end of March.

Cooperation between Triesen and Balzers

Joint landfill concept planned

Balzers and Triesen are examining a joint landfill for excavated material and compost.

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Green pass on smartphone app

How to get the Covid certificate

In Liechtenstein, anyone with an eID automatically receives the digital “green passport” on the smartphone app.

16 hours ago

Subscription duplication of supplementary services

"Use taxpayers money effectively"

Two agencies in the state refer to duplication of supplementary benefits that should finally be cleaned up.

16 hours ago