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André Stagge, CFTe, CFA

Experience portfolio management and increase your wealth! That is the motto of the intensive training in portfolio management. The next start date is Tuesday, 07/07/2020, at 7 p.m. In total 12 live webinars learn everything about trading / investment / portfolio management what you need to know for a successful investment! Every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. No matter how big your portfolio is and no matter what your current knowledge of the stock market isIn the intensive portfolio management course you will learn how to make your money work for you in the best possible way! Become your own portfolio manager and find out how I've managed to get over the past few years 500 million euros for the clients of my funds. You can do that too! For Traders and investors - everyone who is part of my training can always and free repeat, has access to all records and is Part of the greatest Trader and investor community in the D-A-CH area. A complete basic course is integrated into the training and we discuss everything that is relevant for the stock market in our community. Four times a year I invite the community to a seminar day free of charge.

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“An investment in knowledge still pays the best interest.” - Benjamin Franklin

This training includestwelve live webinars each lasting 90 minutes. With the registration for Intensive training in portfolio management you will receive detailed documents, scripts, e-books, presentations, access to the largest investment and trading community in the D-A-CH region as well as regular high-quality research.

In addition to the webinars, all participants have access to a closed Skype and Discord group. In this, the participants can exclusively exchange ideas and ask questions. All webinars are recorded and can be viewed at any time. You will also receive after successfully completing your training Your personal certificate of participation! I invite all participants to free day seminars at least four times a year. These round off the online training by getting to know each other personally.

In addition to the theoretical training in portfolio management, there is a strong practical focus. Experience portfolio management and increase your wealth! I will Introduce at least 24 profitable trading strategies and explain how, as a Senior Portfolio Manager, I have optimally integrated them into my daily work. Many strategies are shown live and I will introduce you to exclusive strategies that I will never publish for free on my website! This is your chance to learn from an experienced portfolio manager and understand how institutional money drives the markets and how you can benefit from it.

Real money deposit for the strategies that are explained in detail, among other things:

Learning objectives and application of the training

In addition to the statistical basics of portfolio theory, you will get to know the most important factors influencing the formation of a portfolio. The focus here is on the calculation of risk and return key figures. You will deepen your investment knowledge, in particular you will learn how to apply the methods from asset allocation. You will also gain an overview of various investment strategies. After Intensive training in portfolio management you know the most important factors influencing a portfolio and can safely apply them in practice. You understand how to act like an institutional portfolio manager in the markets and how to build diversified portfolios in order to achieve your own investment goals or those of your clients. You will also be able to measure the investment success of a securities portfolio and, if necessary, hedge it using derivatives.

You learn ...... know 24 profitable and partly unpublished trading strategies and learn how you can optimally implement them in the markets ... at least 3 months from a very well-trained senior portfolio manager, how to manage funds and how the exciting everyday work of an investment professional looks like. ... how the "big money" thinks and influences the markets and receive a sound academic education that is very practice-oriented ... how you can create your own portfolio that best suits your personality and goals.

The regular one-time registration fee is 1,980 euros. For schoolchildren, trainees and students under the age of 30, there is a 50% discount on presentation of the relevant proof. I reserve the right to increase the price to 2,480 euros in the summer.

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