Lovely Professional University is good for medicine

Tristan Nolting

When I was 16, I started to be interested in fitness, health and weight training. Today, at 22, I look back on 6 years full of exciting experiences and insights. Starting with the research for valid information, I then moved more and more to scientific thinking. When I finished school, I turned down conventional media as a reliable source of information and devoted myself almost exclusively to evaluating studies. When I was 18, I started studying nutrition and got my nutritionist license from the Academy for Sport and Health. When I was 19, I founded my first company (Sciba Nutrition), which was to be the first evidence-based nutritional supplement company to offer customers sensibly dosed ingredients. Since I was 20, I've been publishing books in the categories Psychology, Philosophy, and Health / Medicine from time to time. By deepening the relevant literature in self-study, it became clear to me over time that the knowledge content of my studies was too one-sided and superficial for me. That is why I always look at the disciplines of health, medicine and nutrition from a holistic, psychological perspective. Since September 2020 I have also been enrolled in the Master’s program in Psychological Medicine at London’s Metropolitan University in order to deepen my knowledge. In the meantime I try to get people excited about tolerance and to solve their mental blocks. I do this in the form of my podcast (DENKMAL), my books, publications, consultations and seminars. Here it is important to me to stimulate three things in my readers and listeners: to accept one's own learning process, to discover one's own emotional-creative side and to recognize spirituality as a necessary subjective counterpoint to objective science (duality). I am very grateful for suggestions, criticism and feedback. I would like to be a reliable source of information and therefore have the aim of working on scientific topics and making them usable for everyday use. Should there be any errors in my logic and reasoning, I ask for your feedback. I am always happy when I can learn. Instagram / Facebook @tristanstrivium @denkmalpodcast website

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