Where can I find weeds in Belgaum

Namaskar INDIA

The long-awaited day had finally come, the foundation stone for our Asha Deep project could be laid. In addition to some invited guests (members of the authorities, landowners, neighbors), many villagers also gathered for this colorful celebration.

Buying the land turned out to be a difficult undertaking. First another plot of land was selected for the construction of the clinic. However, the signature of a member of the owner family was always missing for the purchase. Time passed ... and after a year our local contacts decided to look around for another property. The joy at Namaskar INDIA was great last December when a new piece of land could be bought. And as it turned out in retrospect, the new location is much better located than the one originally planned. This was in fact completely flooded in the flood disaster last October, but the new property remained dry and is further away from the Malapraba river and is located directly at the village exit on the road to the next larger town Guledgud.

When I visited Assangi in March, the first clearing work had already started. The help of the population was very positive and impressive. They understand that the clinic and training center will be built for them. Many women came to the property towards evening, when they had finished their work in the fields, to clear the property of thorns and other weeds. They also sang beautiful songs. Many men also actively helped everywhere, and this without any financial compensation. We couldn't have imagined a better start for our project in Assangi.

At the moment the land is fenced in, cleared and it still has to be searched for water, which will then also be necessary for the construction of the buildings. Construction should start around mid-May.

Thanks to the generous support of many donors and the LED, we already have the money for the clinic together. We have already received some donations for the training center, but a considerable amount is still missing. We hope that in a few months we will have collected the missing money for it.