What are the disadvantages of Microsoft PowerPoint

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Record PowerPoint

To get started with Panopto, we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with recording from the screen (and webcam). Of course, the presentation slides shown are also recorded. For users who mainly work with slides and use Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations, a look at Panopto's "PowerPoint recording" can also be worthwhile. The advantages and disadvantages of this type of recording are listed below:

Advantages of "PowerPoint recording"

  • The contents are directly available in the recording as exchangeable slides (see instructions for the Panopto editor)
  • Foil texts are automatically used for the Panopto search function
  • Entries are automatically added to the table of contents of the recording based on the slide headings
  • Viewers can jump directly to the corresponding slide via the slide track
  • Security that only PowerPoint is recorded and no other content
  • When the recording starts, the presentation mode can be started automatically

Disadvantages of "PowerPoint recording"

  • Supports only playback of .ppt (x) files with Microsoft PowerPoint (no .pdfs or other formats)
  • Laser pointer function, pen inputs, etc. are NOT recorded
  • Spontaneous recording of other screen contents is not possible (unless the screen is recorded at the same time)

This function is mainly suitable if you want to record a PowerPoint presentation without markings or the like, or if you want to make sure that nothing else can be seen on your screen. In order to still be able to use the advantages, it is also possible to record the screen and PowerPoint slides at the same time - the content can then be "cut to size" later in the editor, which of course means a little more effort.

Instructions for "PowerPoint recording" with Panopto

1) Open the Panopto Recorder and make all settings as usual. Under "Secondary Sources", select the "Power Point Recording" option. You can now open a PowerPoint presentation via the preview window - alternatively, you can simply open a presentation in PowerPoint.

2) After PowerPoint has been opened with the desired presentation, the option "Start presentation when recording starts" can be activated in the preview window. Then the presentation mode starts automatically as soon as the recording is started.

The recording can now be started and carried out as usual. It should be noted that only the PowerPoint slides are recorded and no other screen content, the laser pointer function or pen inputs. Of course, this does not apply if a screen recording has also been selected as "Secondary source".

3) After the presentation has ended, you can also stop the recording in Panopto. The screen content is not recorded (unless it is also selected as a secondary source).

The recording is now uploaded directly to Panopto (in the case of an offline recording, of course, only when a connection is available again).

4) We can now view the recording in the Panopto platform. Entries in the table of contents were automatically created from the slide titles and the individual slide changes were inserted as "jump labels" in the lower slide track. This content can of course still be edited and / or removed in the Panopto editor.