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Nazi videos: Youtube and Disney part ways with PewDiePie

Denise Bergert, Panagiotis Kolokythas

Due to a series of anti-Semitic clips, Youtube and Disney have ended their partnership with YouTube star PewDiePie.

EnlargePewDiePie goes too far with its current show.

Update 02/15/2017: Youtube also ends its cooperation with the Youtube star PewDiePie. We have added this message below accordingly (end of update).

PewDiePie has 53 million subscribers, making it one of the most popular video producers on YouTube. He is a member of the content network YouTube Red. He also runs his own network at Disney Maker Studios.

The collaboration with Disney now comes to an abrupt end. The reason: PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, has published several clips with anti-Semitic messages and Nazi slogans in the past few weeks. In his show, Kjellberg wanted to show what people do for money. In one of the clips, he paid a group of Sri Lankan men to hold a sign that read "Death to all Jews" in front of the camera. In a second video, a man in a Jesus costume holds a sign saying "Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong".

According to his own statements, Kjellberg found the protagonists of the two clips through the job portal Fiverr. The videos were released in January but have since disappeared from his Maker Studios channel. According to his own statements, Kjellberg only meant the Nazi allusions in the clips as a joke. According to Disney, however, the YouTuber has clearly missed out on the tone.

Maker Studios confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that they wanted to end the cooperation with Kjellberg after almost three years because of the videos. PewDiePie is also known for his provocative clips, but in this case he went too far. The clips are simply inappropriate, explains a Disney spokesman.

On his Tumbl blog, Kjellberg apologizes for the clips. He just wanted to show how crazy the world is and what people do for five dollars.

Youtube also parted ways with Pewdiepie

Just a few hours after Disney, YouTube also ended its collaboration with PewDiePie. As a reason, the Google company refers to the same anti-Semitic videos as reported by Variety.com, among others. A spokesman for Youtube stated that there would be no second season of the reality show "Scare PewDiePie" and that the PewDiePie channel would be removed from the Google Preferred program. Google uses this program to market popular YouTube channels, which generates certain advertising income for the participants. "Scare PewDiePie" ran on the paid subscription service Youtube Red, which has not yet started in this country.

Various clips dealing with the "Death to All Jews" video have now been removed from YouTube. However, the Youtube spokesman emphasized that the videos were not removed from Youtube. The videos are likely to have been removed by PewDiePie himself or by his team. The original video, in which actors hold a sign saying "Death to all Jews", was released on January 11, 2017 and is still available on Youtube. The video has been viewed over 9.9 million times to date.

PewDiePie and other Youtubers collected money for surreptitious advertising