What depends on success

SUCCESS - What does it depend on? What can you do to be successful in your job as well as in your private life?

It doesn't just depend on specialist knowledge, competence is not enough either. There is a lot that seems to be behind it, and it is RADIATION.
Can that be improved? Yes.

The most important thing above all is to think positively. You have to learn to love and appreciate yourself, life and what you do - whatever it is.

You radiate what you think of yourself. Do you want to change Well. Start with that in your head. Make all the bad thoughts go away.

How it works? Replace the negative thought with a positive one. Instead of believing, "I can't do it", one has to think, "I have prepared myself well, I will do it too."

Being afraid is a no go. Fear is related to negative thoughts, distracted from the important thought and the capacity becomes lower. Also, first of all, when you feel anxious, you radiate negative things. Second, how do you want to succeed when you are scared of it yourself ?! (Either from what happened or from success yourself - because sudden success will pull you out of your own comfort zone.)

Showing feelings and interests is always worthwhile.
How so? Because you don't care anyone without feelings, because it looks much more lively and positive. How ? Asking open-ended questions always leads to a longer and better conversation. (So ​​no questions to which you will either answer with ’yes” or “no”.

Enthusiasm - is a must
So you can show that you are really interested in the other person or their work or story. Enthusiasm is like a magnet. If you are enthusiastic, the other will also have the feeling. You can't inspire anyone without enthusiasm. Man feels monotonous and uninteresting.

Body language - even if you are silent, you speak with the non-verbal ......
Body language and communication must be coordinated. Otherwise you won't use a good word or a well-prepared speech. Eye contact, gestures, facial expressions, key, hands, movement, posture ... .. they also speak and often say a lot more about us.

Image and style - the first 60 seconds are the most important
There is usually no second chance to make a first impression. Therefore, always dress appropriately and according to your type.

Taking responsibility - exudes strength and self-confidence
You don't complain about charisma and responsibility, you act.

Have your own opinion and still remain diplomatic
This shows strength and will. You know what you want and you stand by it.

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