What are dofollow and nofollow

Dofollow Links Term Explanation and Definition

In today's world, the Internet has become significantly more important for society. Many people have a private website, blog or online shop. The goal of many website operators is that their own Homepage is often visited by potential customers. Every owner of a website is faced with the challenge of increasing the level of awareness of their own homepage.

Around eighty percent of Internet users get to the relevant websites using the search function of a well-known Internet platform. The aim for the website operator should therefore be to appear among the first results of the search with his website.

In order to have a positive influence on their own ranking, website operators should contact the Search engine optimization employ. If an operator is not able to carry out the search engine optimization for his own homepage himself, he has the choice of commissioning a professional agency with this task.

Difference between dofollow links and nofollow links

Search engine optimization seems to be an unsolvable task, especially for beginners. As a rule, it should be noted that every link from another homepage to your own is a recommendation and thus has a positive effect on the ranking. Some links are weaker in their rating than others, this is the one Difference between dofollow links and nofollow links.

However, the more valuable dofollow links do not also require more knowledge and skills from the website operator at the same time; the setting of the links is usually identical. Dofollow links are for SEOAn important point, the operator of the homepage must be able to clearly differentiate between dofollow and nofollow links.

There are significant differences in the effect on your own ranking between the two link types that you should be aware of. Both types of links bring some advantages to your website, but sometimes also disadvantages. Dofollow links allow the search engines to follow them to reach the linked website. Thus, Dofollow links help the website operator to quickly increase their own placement in search engines.

Nofollow links cause - as one can already suspect - the opposite, they can only be followed by real visitors to the website, but not by a search engine. However, this fact does not mean that nofollow links are not useful for search engine optimization.

Advantages of dofollow links

The dofollow links not only help to improve the rank of your own website. Many strong dofollow links give your website a meaningful one added value. Real visitors are more aware of their own website through dofollow links than nofollow links, which means that their own page can increasingly expect additional links within blogs, web catalogs and forums. This fact brings on the one hand a higher number Backlinks, on the other hand, more real visitors are gained in this way.

A network with others Webmasters is very useful for setting dofollow links, because hundreds of backlinks can easily be obtained through comments on blogs, for example, conversations with other bloggers are also supported and your own articles receive added value. Website operators who link their articles to one another have a good chance that they will also receive a backlink from the linked person, who links them back.

These links are usually set voluntarily, are free and persistent. A dofollow link shows that Crawler the search engines that a new link is available and that this can now be evaluated by the search engines. Search engines may see it as critical if a website has no dofollow links, which is why dofollow links are so important for your own ranking.

Disadvantages of dofollow links

There are hardly any disadvantages with dofollow links. The ranking of the page may drop for a short time, but this will change again over time. Nevertheless, you should not only set dofollow links on your own homepage. The search engines watch out for too many dofollow links. You devalue websites that only have dofollow links, as this is an unnatural one Link building indicates. This is to be avoided, so every website owner should pay attention to a balance between dofollow links and nofollow links in the context of search engine optimization.

Nofollow links have the disadvantage that irrelevant how often your own page is visited and how many links are placed on your own page, there is no significant effect on the Placement of the website can be seen. As described above, nofollow links can still attract new visitors and place valuable follow-up links.

Where should you best put which links?

Dofollow links and nofollow links should be set deliberately. Nofollow links are best placed in forums, blogs and guest books. Links that have been set on your own website and have nothing to do with the content of the website, such as visitor counters, can also contain a nofollow. Comments on articles on their own website often contain Spam and are also listed as nofollow links on most websites.

In principle, however, you should consider that visitors are more willing to write comments if they receive a high-quality link from the website operator. So if you want to get a lot of comments and interactions on your articles, you should better rely on dofollow links. Switching from dofollow to nofollow is no problem for website operators.

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