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#Mancave: One man's cave is cooler than the other

The hashtag #Mancave offers countless examples of retreats for men. Including numerous bars, motorized vehicles of all kinds, but also game stations and posters.
Today's man is sensitive, tender, well-read, enlightened, logically advocates equality and is the perfect father. All of these traits should be normal for men. But some specimens simply cannot forget that their roots are in a cave. That's why there is the mancave.

A mancave describes a room in which the man can let off steam and do whatever he likes. Even science has dealt with the term: Paula Aymer of Tufts University in the US state of Massachusetts once called this place "one of the last bastions of masculinity compared to the otherwise predominant female taste".

A mancave can be set up in the basement of the house. Probably because you can make noise there without disturbing the family, shouting, drinking beer, maybe even smoking. Under the hashtag #Mancave, Instagram spits out almost 750,000 results on the topic and shows that a bar is very popular, closely followed by motorized vehicles of all kinds, game stations and posters.

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