How are payments from customer 1 received

Notes on accepting credit card payments

5. Acceptance of credit card payments at the venue

In principle, you can also use the payment gateways mentioned above to accept credit card payments at the venue. To do this, give the participants the opportunity to pay online on the computers reserved for this purpose during the registration process. However, such payments fail more often because the customer's gateway system and / or bank determine that the customer is not at home (in the home country) and therefore the payment is blocked for security reasons. The customer can then try to call their bank to approve the payment, but that doesn't always work either.

There are therefore some alternatives for transactions in the so-called "card present", where the participants can pay directly on site with their card and which are characterized by lower fees: Ask your acquirer about the costs for an extended acceptance agreement, the also includes card-based face-to-face business with a payment terminal at the point of sale (POS).

The companies in the following list offer another option. To accept payments by credit card or debit card, all you need is a smartphone and a card reader. The advantage: the companies mentioned do not charge any monthly fees.

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