Why does Google need thousands of sellers

Smartphones with "Fortnite" end up on Ebay for thousands of euros

Once an app is installed on a cell phone, Apple can no longer easily remove it. This also applies to the famous battle royale game Fortnite by Epic Games, which was removed from both Apple's App Store and Google's Playstore following a rule violation. Hundreds of users who have already downloaded the game are now selling their smartphones online at astronomical prices.

$ 10,000 for "rarity"

That yourself Fortnite is still on the cell phone, seems to represent a special feature for sellers on Ebay, which should give their smartphone a rarity bonus. iPhones of different generations and Android smartphones are offered for example on Ebay for a price of 500 to 10,000 dollars. Similar offers can also be found on the Willhaben sales platform, which is widespread in Germany.

Apple: "Fortnite " may come back with an update

It is doubtful whether the advertised cell phones will sell because it is Fortnite is a free game available on numerous platforms including Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox, PC and Mac. Also, Apple stressed that it is Fortnite would like to offer it again in the store and would like to continue working with Epic Games as a developer. However, the game maker must take the first step and "submit an update to his app that resets the changes and thus again complies with the guidelines that he had agreed to and that apply to all developers," said Apple in a report by Business Insider ".

The ban follows the introduction of a new payment method Fortnite, with which players can buy the game's currency directly from Epic Games - a violation of the rules of the two tech companies Google and Apple. By selling the "V-Bucks" directly, Epic Games was able to bypass the 30 percent levy to Apple that is incurred for in-app purchases. It seems to be a deliberate provocation by Epic Games, because the game developer is now taking both tech companies to court. (red, 8/20/2020)