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The Schrattensage - A popular explanation for the stone desert

In the past, it was not known to the local population, which is why the Schratteflue near Sörenberg looks like a stone desert. This mystery was therefore taken up by local scholars and explained with a legend: There used to be a stately hut at this point, inhabited by a herdsman family. Greed, an inheritance dispute and a diabolical curse had dramatic consequences ...

The Schrattensage - that's what they tell in Entlebuch

The barren stone desert on the south side of the Schratteflue was once the most beautiful and juicy alp of the Entlebuch. The brothers Hannes and Jost inherited the alp. But Hannes was insatiable and robbed his blind brother of a piece of his inheritance every year. Hannes ‘beautiful daughter Rösi had inherited the evil character of her father and plunged her admirers into ruin with impossible demands. Both caused outrage and bitterness among the people.

One day a loyal servant could no longer watch Hannes ‘Tun and reported it to blind Jost. "Let the devil devastate the alp if I have illegally acquired a crumb of my clod!" Cursed Hannes when his brother confronted him. At these words, thunder and lightning broke over the mats and an ominous wall of clouds loomed up. With his huge claws the devil tore the blooming meadows from the rocks, grabbed Hannes and Rösi and hurled them into the cave under the Schibengütsch.

Since that day the south side of the Schratteflue has been a barren stone desert. The claw marks of the lord of hell can still be seen today. Hannes and Rösi are still trapped in the cave. According to legend, you can see them at the entrance to the crypt during Holy Week.

Source: Book «Entlebucher Sagen», Schnyder-Studer Frieda, 1977

The Schibengütsch, which occurs in the Schrattensage, is the southernmost summit of the Schratteflue and can be seen from Marbachegg, for example. The "devil's claws" are patterns in the karst rock (the cart fields) and are best explored on a hike.