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Divorce from a religious point of view

How the subject of "divorce" is dealt with in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

On average, a marriage in Austria lasts ten years. According to Statistics Austria, the divorce rate is currently 43.02 percent. Religious communities also have to deal with the fact that many couples separate or divorce. While divorce is permitted in Judaism and Islam under certain conditions, there is no consensus within Christian denominations in Christianity.

Jewish "divorce letter"

Judaism provides for the possibility of a legal divorce if there are valid reasons. In order to retain full legal security and to be able to marry again, the woman needs a “divorce letter” (Hebrew: “Get”). The man has the right to issue a letter of divorce, but under certain conditions the woman can apply to a rabbinate for divorce.

Reasons for divorce exist if one of the two partners has committed adultery, one of them is contagious or terminally ill, or if no children result from the marriage. In the case of domestic violence, refusal to cohabit or lack of support on the part of the husband, a dissolution of the marriage is also legitimate.

Marriage for the ages

Christianity also tries to regulate the relationship between men and women. Confession of monogamy (monogamy) is common to all Christians. The assessment of divorce is different: While the Roman Catholic Church considers Christian marriage to be indissoluble, divorces are possible in the Protestant churches.

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The ring is a symbol of eternity. But that doesn't always apply to marriage.

It is narrated that Jesus forbids divorce (except in the case of adultery) and imposes the same conditions on men and women. Paul believes divorces are possible when one partner becomes a Christian and the other does not want to know about it. The Roman Catholic Church strictly adheres to the indissolubility of marriage - except when it is annulled by a diocesan court. According to this Church, those who enter into a relationship after marriage are living in sin. Divorcees who are remarried are denied communion. The Orthodox Churches allow another ecclesiastical marriage after serious scrutiny, but no longer see this as a sacrament.

Hated by God

Divorce is permitted from an Islamic point of view, but is referred to in the literature as “the thing most hated by God among the things permitted”. It is possible through both partners, man and woman are equal before God. Marriage is expressly recommended in Islam; women and men are entitled to sexual fulfillment in marriage.

Both partners have to agree to the marriage, which is often not honored in practice because family constraints are asserted. In exceptional cases, Islam allows a man to marry several women. Children are seen as a gift from God; in the event of a divorce, they are usually given to the father.

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