What are the basic units of matter

List of physical quantities and units of measurement

this is a List of general physical quantities and the associated units of measurement.

Base sizes [edit | Edit source]

Complex sizes Edit source]

size dimension Brief description units
accelerationDistance / time²
Force / mass
The acceleration is a physical quantity that indicates a change in speed due to the effect of a force.Meters per square second
densityMass / volume
Energy / volume
Density is a physical quantity and a property of matter and energy that indicates the spatial distance between particles or energy fields.Grams per cubic centimeter
printForce / areaThe force acting on a certain surface is called pressure.Atmosphere / atü
Millimeter mercury
speedDistance / timeA speed is a distance covered in a certain amount of time. In a vacuum, the speed of an object remains constant as long as no force acts on it. This is a fundamental principle of mechanics, which Principle of inertia is called.kilometers per hour
Meters per second
Warp factor
Multiples or parts of the speed of light
powerEnergy / timeThe power indicates how much energy is converted per unit of time or how much work is performed per unit of time.watt
radiationEnergy / mass
Energy / area
Radiation is a physical quantity of an energy flow or an energy output.Isorem
Knight scale

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Density [edit | Edit source]

In 2371 the USS flies Voyager into the nucleogenic nebula being. Tuvok found that the density of the dust in the fog was continuously increasing. (VOY:The mysterious fog)

Pressure [edit | Edit source]

Since the atmospheric gas pressure of a gas giant is too high for normal probes, the crew of the USS Voyager a special multispatial probe to search for deuterium deposits in the atmosphere of gas giants. (VOY:Extreme risks)

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Energy [edit | Edit source]

see energy and energy field

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Field strength [edit | Edit source]

The field strength is a measure of the intensity of an energy field. The field strengths of subspace fields and warp fields are usually given in the unit of measurement Cochrane.

Flow rate [edit | Edit source]

The flow rate is a physical quantity that indicates the amount of antimatter that flows through the antimatter supplement flow to the containment chambers. (TNG:Indiscretions)

In 2372, Harry Kim ordered an engineer to keep an eye on the flow rate after tellerium was induced in the engine. (VOY:The Resistance)

Frequency [edit | Edit source]

In 2371 the USS sends Voyager a message through a micro-wormhole. You will soon receive an answer from the Talvaththat is sent on the same frequency and with the same amplitude. (VOY:The eye of the needle)

In the same year, CaptainKathryn Janeway notes that the frequency of those aboard the USS Voyager The neural energy released from corpses is identical to that of the background radiation in the planetary rings. (VOY:The unimaginable)

In 2376, Captain Kathryn Janeway's sonic shower malfunctioned. When she hears a high-pitched noise, she orders the computer to change the frequency. However, this is not possible and your mirror jumps. (VOY:Live quickly and in peace)

Impulse [edit | Edit source]

The momentum is a physical quantity that records the movement of a mass quantitatively and is related to the term energy.

The impulse drive is a device to increase the impulse and thus the speed of a solid mass, e.g. a spaceship. (TNG:The energy trap)

Force [edit | Edit source]

Force is a directed physical quantity that can accelerate a mass or deform an object.

A safety force field is, for example, an energy barrier that exerts a repulsive force on a person or an object that wants to pass this force field. For this reason, these force fields are used, for example, for holding cells or for sealing off areas of spaceships. (TNG:Uninvited guests, I am hugh)

Shear force [edit | Edit source]

A shear force is a force that acts counter-parallel to parallel inner or outer surfaces of a body and thereby deforms it.

In 2368, a bilanine test ship was destroyed during the flight in the soliton wave by occurring shear forces after the wave had destabilized. (TNG:The Soliton Wave)

The SS Vico is almost completely destroyed by gravimetric shear forces within the black swarm in 2368. (TNG:The only survivor)

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Mass [edit | Edit source]

A quantum thread has no mass. (TNG:Disaster on the Enterprise)

It is possible to reduce the mass of a body with a warp field (TNG:Q again)

A common unit for mass is grams.

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Vibration [edit | Edit source]

A vibration, also known as an oscillation, describes a physical quantity that changes over time. The amplitude (deflection) of the size fluctuates between a maximum and a minimum.

Transwarp channels can be opened with the help of an oscillating tachyon pulse. (TNG:Attack of the Borg, Part I., VOY:Day of honor)

Frequency [edit | Edit source]

The frequency is a quantity in physics that describes a property of vibrations and waves. The frequency indicates how many periods the oscillation or wave passes through per unit of time. In the Hertz unit, 1 Hz corresponds to one period per second (mathematically, the frequency can also be understood as the reciprocal of time).

GeordisVISOR can process frequencies of electromagnetic waves between 1 Hz and 100,000 THz (TNG:The artificial paradise).

The shield modulation of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) is 257.4 MHz. (Star Trek: Generations Meet)

Temperature [edit | Edit source]

Affected by Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome, CounselorDeanna Troi and CommanderWilliam T. Riker2370 argue about the temperature on the bridge of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D). (TNG:genesis)

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