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The owners of the consoles have already started exploring the primitive world of Far Cry: Primal, and they probably have a lot of questions: after all, the tactical properties of the digging stick are significantly different from the usual rifles. Polygon reporters tried to answer the most common questions that newbies to the Stone Age have.



The owners of the consoles have already started exploring the primitive world of Far Cry: Primal, and they probably have a lot of questions: after all, the tactical properties of the digging stick are significantly different from the usual rifles.

Polygon reporters tried to answer the most common questions that newbies to the Stone Age have.

Use your head

As you have already noticed, there is a bow, arrows, clubs and spears in the game - no rifles or grenades (other than a grenade pot with bees). Almost always - and especially in combat - it is best to think first and act later.

If you have the option of just sneaking up on the enemy and punching them in the head, use them. In the worst case scenario, you will be noticed, but you still have time to break the distance. Once you have an owl, you can mark opponents for attack - stealth becomes even easier.

Try to get the driver's skill as quickly as possible. Having a mammoth or bear that you can ride into battle gives you an incredible advantage.

Take cover and aim for the head

We saw a group of opponents - hide in the bushes, bow, and carefully shoot one of them in the head. It will take time for the enemies to find you. So try to change position from time to time. Full-length archery isn't the best solution - you'll be filled with spears pretty quickly.

Be ready to change tactics quickly

Clambered into the bushes to chase opponents? An unexpected meeting with representatives of the saber-tooth fauna awaits you there. Wild animals feel you through the thicket and almost always attack. If the animal is running towards you (and this is not a mammoth) - try bow shooting it in the head when it jumps - bring it back with a club or spear. If you've upset someone (and this is already a mammoth) then forget about the bow and grab the spear. Do not forget to dodge and try several times to hit the head with a spear - this will be enough for any opponent.

Collect everything

Craft is important. Pretty much any item you can pick up will come in handy later, so it's best to pick it up now. The hunting vision highlights all the interesting objects, you just need to pay more attention to them.

Take over the land

Far Cry: Far Cry wouldn't be Primal without towers (aka campfires) and settlements. Try to capture them first - it is very convenient to have an operational base close by where you can unload the collected materials or escape the chase. Fast travel is also practical. When conquering a settlement, try to take a higher position and just shower opponents with arrows - they will most likely be running towards you.

Develop the right skills

Almost every action gives you experience (story missions, killing enemies and taming animals give you the most) and sooner or later your level increases. At the beginning of the game, it is extremely important to use the right skills in the right order. Start with skills that allow you to tame animals (mammoth is a serious argument in a fight), and then move on to making and increasing health.

Some skills may only be useful in the later stages of the game, and traps are almost always useless. As for the weapon, it all depends on what you like best, but still try to master the bow. Bowing skills and quick reloading are great for beginners.

Tame the beasts

After meeting the colorful shaman, you will be given the first skill that will allow you to tame the canine teeth. Try to find and tame your wolf (or other family member) ASAP - it's more fun together. As you progress, you can learn skills to tame other species of animals.

There are four taming levels in total:

  • Canids (wolves) - beginners with a good combination of attack and speed
  • Wildcats (leopards, jaguars and cave lions) - faster and quieter than dogs, suitable for stealth and quick attacks
  • About predators (saber-toothed tigers and bears) - can help in a fight with a large group of opponents, but a crowd with spears will kill them pretty quickly; besides, you can ride them
  • Cunning beasts (cave bears and badgers) - a mix of the cunning of wild cats and the power of higher predators, the most dangerous creatures of the Stone Age (yes, badger)

You can improve the skills of the protagonist - by gaining experience points: while killing, completing missions and other activities. Once you've ascended, Takkar can spend 1 point on any of the skills in the skill tree. There are 77 such skills, in order to unlock them you need to: find certain members of your tribe, complete their quests, and build huts for them. Notice! Some skills can be unlocked after completing story missions. This guide will tell you all about the skills in Far Cry Primal.

Which skills need to be unlocked first?

Urus is a dangerous land and the difficulty of your further passage will depend on the skills you selected at the beginning of the game. Here are the skills that you should start with at the beginning of the game.

Additional health I + II

At the beginning of the game, Takkar isn't that formidable warrior, but there are plenty of traps and other dangerous things in Far Cry Primal: either a spear flies into it or an animal bites him. By learning these two skills, Takkar can take much more damage before he dies, which greatly increases his chances of survival.

Original healing I.

This ability not only opens up additional options in the menu, but also allows Takkar to manually heal himself in the most stressful situations when he does not have the necessary items for making medicinal herbs.

Beast Mastery Skills

After Tinsay is recruited, Takkar learns how to tame wild animals. By investing skill points in the front row, he can tame wolves, tigers, lions and bears. In addition to their fighting skills, animals can protect takkar from a pack of red wolves and other small aggressive animals.

Hostile brand

One of the main mechanics of the previous Far Cry games to learn now - the skill is required to destroy enemy outposts. It is worth buying immediately after Jayma is recruited and after learning this skill, Takkar will easily be able to track opponents' position for quick and silent kills.

Fighting skills

Combat skills will be unlocked for you after Karush is recruited. The warrior's skills give you an advantage in both open and clandestine combat. Rely on the front row skills: Kill with a Throwing Knife, Powerful Quick Kill, and Streak of Kills.

Make arrows

Immediately after accessing the hunter's skills, we strongly recommend unlocking the ability to craft arrows (2-8 arrows from one piece of wood). Then, in the face of dangerous enemies, Takkar will be able to repel them with ease.

Different types of skills

There are seven skill types in Far Cry Primal, each of which is a separate category that you unlock as you play.

We are on SIMHOST mostly realists. Hence, we fully understand that many of you have only just begun to perish Far cry originally, after the appearance of "Pills" from CPY and 3DM. That is why we decided that it is not superfluous to tell a little about it Far cry originally in our Instructions section. First of all, we would like to share with you which skills in Far Cry Primal will be most useful to you and how best to spread your experience.


Indeed, let's start with the skills that are present in the game. By completing certain missions and actions in the game, you will gain experience which turns into 1 point for a skill when you reach a new level.

Takkar has the most important skills - health and regeneration. Actually, how long you can survive in the game depends on them. Even if you prefer stealth for the most part, it's better to invest a few points in health. One way or another, you will have to engage in open combat with the enemy.

To have Tensay Everything revolves around animals. Of the useful here - the domestication of large animals. Pump in if necessary. Leveling owls depends on your personal needs and desire to use them.

Competencies Jayma Just be careful if you are actively using onions. And even then, the most useful skill is making more arrows. For those who need more arrows!

Karoosh gives you the opportunity to ride animals and adds a variety of finishing moves. The skills are far from critical, but they will pleasantly diversify the game. When you suddenly find yourself bored Far cry originally.

Wogah doesn't offer anything particularly useful. Especially at the beginning of the game. Towards the end, you can spend money to reduce the damage from There and fire protection.

First, invest in the most important and useful skills in Far Cry Primal. Then to the rest.

Gain of experience

Now let's talk about how you can gain experience Far cry originally, as the game actually has a hidden level limit. That is, at some point you just hit the ceiling and get no experience and, accordingly, no new skills.

However, it is possible to work around this limitation somewhat. To do this, you need to complete bonus tasks (orange). The reward for them will not be just experience, but a skill point. Even after reaching the ceiling.

Maximum experience is encouraged for the rest of the time. For this purpose it is recommended:

  • Wenja missions are random missions that get in your way. In fact, they are worth it because you will not be able to return to them;
  • Increase the population of the tribe in all available ways. Unfortunately, the cheapest and most natural way to increase the population is not provided. So complete the missions already mentioned by Wenja, light campfires and carve out outposts. Give a bonus of 2% for every 10 people.
  • Quietly carve out outposts. Or at least without activating the alarm. For this they will give more experience;
  • In general, try to cut anything that moves quietly. For that (and for headshots) they give extra. Experience;
  • Find all 12 spiritual totems. This not only gives additional experience, but also a bonus for reception.

Where do I start in Far Cry Primal?

Get healthy immediately (Extra Health I and II). Then the first thing to do is tame the animals. The faster you access tigers and bears, the easier (and more fun) it will be to play.

Gathering (skinning) will also come in handy. You can collect more resources and find them more easily.

As soon as Jayma appears in the warehouse, get yourself Craft Arrow I. Even if you are not actively using the bow, additional arrows can be useful.

After Karoosh participates, grab the Mammoth Rider and the Beast Rider. Takkar becomes a real death machine with tamed animals.


It seems that the Far Cry universe holds no secrets for the seasoned adventurer, but the final amazing episode of swapping machine guns and grenades for a spear with an owl bomber knocks down the cards and brings them to even the most seasoned players to learn in new ways. This, of course, is Far Cry Primal. And if you haven't played this promotion before, our 11 tips will be helpful for you.

Advice number 1. Take it all.

The main difference between Far Cry Primal is not only the Stone Age atmosphere and the lack of firearms, but also a strong propensity for the survival simulator with classic "sand" mechanics. Well, anyone who has played something like this should know that the main thing here are resources. Far Cry used to have the ability to "collect" but now it is being promoted to the highest rank. Unless you enjoy walking around the neighborhood collecting various useful things, this game is hardly going to suit you. In general, take everything with you and don't leave your inventory empty, because if you suddenly need a rare resource in the future, you will be surprised to find it has been in your inventory for a long time you had no idea of ​​all its worth. The caches, which are marked accordingly on your map, are of particular value. Well, it's also worth adding that closer to the center of the property it will be possible to do less crafting as you can get everything you need right in the enemy camps.

Council number 2. The club is our everything.

The current Far Cry is indeed a kind of fight club where the main character doesn't have to shoot so very precisely as to show himself in hand-to-hand combat. The main weapons with which the main character is equipped are a bow, a spear and a club. In our opinion, the club is the most powerful, especially in the early stages of the game, a tool to overthrow your enemies. The main feature is that with a bat you can not only easily poke the enemy, but also hit it properly after pressing the hit button and pressing it a little. The more you hold, the stronger the blow. Of course, this takes time. So if you see a wild animal or equally wild person running towards you from a distance, pull out your bat and hold the hit button.

Council number 3. The strongest will survive.

The advice is banal, but it doesn't hurt to say it: natural selection 10,000 years ago was much sharper than it is today. So you shouldn't just play for Takkar - a stone age man, but learn how to think about him, namely, keep your eyes open and your ears wide open. It's a shame that modern technologies haven't yet learned how to synthesize a smell, otherwise you'd have to sniff. In order not to start the game with a resuscitation at the nearest fire, listen to the sounds, because the deadly animal can be very close and it is easier to hear than to see. Also, remember that the only way to escape a hungry predator is if you are lucky enough to jump into the water or climb a certain hill. When attacked, defend yourself and think that it is better not to get into such situations at all. Bears can swim by the way - be prepared for that.

There are headshots here too. Aim at the animal's head so that you don't track down the wounded animal later.

Council number 4. The hunt is the main place for heroism.

Thakkar will have to hunt. In addition, you need to demonstrate ingenuity and ingenuity. If a headshot from an arrow against an ordinary animal is enough, then when performing special tasks, for example, you need to use a particularly powerful predator - the leader of a certain area, then just like that from a wriggling bay it will not work. In addition to stocking up on supplies and arrows, you need to think about options for a quick retreat when you can of course move away. You have to go quietly and slowly. Steal and try not to make any noise. There is an opinion that the subject of stealth is worked out more realistically here than in the same Far Cry where the "blind" guards didn't see you up close. The perfect hunt is a headshot. But if this did not work out, but you seriously injured the animal, turn on the "Hunting Vision" and go to pursue the animal. If you're lucky, you'll find it on the blood trail fast enough.If you need a specific animal, zoom in on the map and look out for the animals' symbols. Incidentally, the killed animal is marked with a cross. Hover over the icon for some quick tips for the beginner.

Council number 5. Light it up!

Though the times are old, mankind has already tamed them. And this had a huge impact on the struggle for survival at the time. Therefore, do not despise the wisdom of your ancestors and often use fire for selfish purposes. For example, shoot flaming arrows at enemies. They are not that accurate, but the enemies will burn and it will cost a lot. In addition, such an arrow can start a fire remotely. And these arrows can also be used to distract the guards of an enemy camp: shoot one end, wait for it to flare, then attack at the other end. And of course start a fire and warm up, because here the main character can easily freeze all of his heroism for himself.

Building a village and improving the cave will unlock new missions and skills.

Advice number 6. Get ready for the builder simulator.

As mentioned earlier, here you have to deal with things that are more inherent in a survival simulator, including building. You will be invited to build and carry out various works to improve the territory within the framework of your own village. Build new huts in the village. They are filled by new residents with their own skills. Once you start building, life will get better: you will unlock new weapon modifications, unlock options to upgrade other non-military items, acquire new skills, unlock new missions and see new points on the map. Pay special attention to your own den. Improve it and you will be rewarded. The more residents populate your village, the more bonuses you will receive in the form of daily rewards in the cache. If you upgrade the cave well, you can find rare items in the cache. Generally not just by hunting alone.

Advice number 7. Make friends with the animals.

Here you can not only kill animals, but also use them forever. You get this ability after meeting the shaman. Watch the indications on the screen. They will show you the ability to tame animals. Someone you can tame, but someone you can't. The animal that travels shoulder to shoulder with you is extremely useful. He will be able to drive away other predators, mark enemies with special signs or simply warn of their presence. As the fight progresses, do not forget to use a very useful skill that will give the animal orders to attack a specific enemy, or simply take a specific position on the ground, useful for protecting the perimeter where new enemies are likely to run.

Advice number 8. Use an owl.

The owl is the most useful animal in Far Cry Primal after the mammoth. This bird is great for exploring. Fortunately, our prehistoric owl can perfectly see in broad daylight what cannot be said about ordinary, modern owls. As a rule, an owl is urgently needed before an enemy post is attacked with a campfire. Don't limit yourself to a cursory examination. In the best Far Cry style, this beast can mark enemies which will be very useful to you if you decide to attack. In addition, the owl can attack enemies, dive from great heights and throw bombs on them. These techniques are more effective than efficiency and should not be misused, if only because such attacks make little sense and the enemies are instantly in a state of readiness for combat that makes your subsequent attack difficult.

The owl attack is ineffective. They will only alert your enemies.

Council number 9. Stealth can be more effective than an overt attack.

Sometimes it is so that arranging quiet camouflage, sneaking stealthily and quietly eliminating the guards is more effective than walking up to you and declaring yourself first, firing arrows and letting go of animals. Use the cloak and dagger method even if you don't already have one. Your tactics should be as follows: Track the guards' trajectory. If they're standing and not moving, it's even better. Your goal is individual guards: stand up from behind and carefully neutralize the enemy. After that, it can help to pull the body away. If it is impossible to approach the enemy unnoticed, attract their attention with a thrown stone. This way, not only can the guards be removed from your path by running to where you need them, but it can also be lured to a secluded spot where you can deal with him right away.

Council number 10. Terrorize your enemies at night.

Far Cry Primal has a wonderful system for changing the time of day. A sunny day is followed by a dark and ominous night. Use this time instead of shaking around the campfire at night. Many do not like to play at night, so they "sleep" at this time and in vain. First, you can only get some unique nocturnal animals and some unique "nocturnal" resources at night. Second, the night is a very useful time to attack enemy camps. First set fire to the camp, then attack enemy patrols from the dark. Remember that not only are there more patrols at night, there are also more dangerous animals. So the night in Far Cry Primal is hardcore time.

Advice number 11. Sleep and get rewards.

Finally, a little handy scam tip on how to get free unique items as often as possible. First you need to develop the village and rebuild the cave. Then you can get useful things by visiting the cache. Especially lazy people do this: after going to the cache, they return to the cave, sleep until the next morning, go back to the cache, and then go back to the cave to sleep until the morning, and so on to infinity or until they get bored.

That's all. Have fun hunting!

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