What is the most famous EXO ship

Santa Maria - Columbus' flagship

The faithful replica of theSANTAMARIAhas been in the port of Santa Cruz de La Palma for a few days.

It is one of the most famous ships in history. Has with himChristopher Columbus sought a western route to India on his first tour of discovery from 1492 to 1493. She was accompanied by the much smaller shipsNiña and Pinta.

The Canaries (La Gomera) were the last port of departure in the old world for several expeditions. From here the great adventure and the first settlement of the new continent began.

The caravel, which is only 26.30 meters long, sways and moves like a nutshell, even in the harbor basin of Santa Cruz de La Palma. How must that have wobbled across the Atlantic on the high seas. The creaking wood of the planks and the wind whistling through the ropes can be experienced live as in the historical films.

India was the destination we were looking for

For the Westerners at that time India was the epitome of all of South-East Asia. A land of immeasurable wealth and paradisiacal beauty. A wonderland with delicious spices that seasoned the rich man's meal, fragrant oils, remedies and dyes, sumptuous cloths and carpets, sparkling gemstones, pearls and ivory. Everything immensely expensive and valuable. The long trade routes on land were ruled by the Ottomans, and they received a princely reward for the coveted goods. A direct route across the sea had to be found.

From the crow's nest - the masthead of the Santa Mariamust be the first cry back then "Land in Sight" have ripped the 30-strong team out of their lethargy. After more than two months on the high seas and near a rebellion of the crew, on October 12, 1492 be re-entered land for the first time. El Salvador (The Holy Savior) should be called the discovered island from now on.

A thirst for adventure on board the Santa Maria

Cramped conditions and the uncertainty about the outcome of the expedition certainly clouded the mood during the crossing. But the ship made history and discovered a new continent. Every child knows the name today Christopher Columbus and his Santa Maria. No wonder that the name of the sailing ship makes the hearts of adventurers beat faster.

Here are some details - click to enlarge.

Christopher Columbus must have stood under the lamp at this point to look out for India. A bit of nostalgia and a longing turn to past times and experiences is already emerging.

Even though I've seen many ships and been on board often, this is the one Santa Maria but something special. For the only ocean-going replica, 65 m³ of Iroko (Kambala) wood and 3 kilometers of ropes were required. A Spanish foundation based in Huelva (Andalusia) is the owner.

Another replica of the Santa Maria is on Madeira and inBarcelonawhich, however, can only navigate waters close to the coast. And of course our Santa Maria, the Barco de la Virgen in the heart of the capital Santa Cruz de La Palma made of wood and concrete. Seat of Naval Marine Museum in Plaza Alameda.

When the winds are favorable it will NAO Santa Maria Set sail again this Sunday and head to the distant Caribbean via Lanzarote San Juan de Puerto Rico sailing.

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