Who is the scariest politician ever

Voice of AmericaDonald Trump - the most honest president of all time

In my favorite series, "Curb Your Enthusiasm," comedian Larry David breaks pretty much all the conventions Americans love. He offends a war veteran by denying him the obligatory sentence “Thank you for your service”. He doesn't hold the door open for a lesbian because she is the man herself. When an acquaintance asks him to go to a charity event, even the otherwise mercilessly honest David uses the merciful white lie: Unfortunately, he already has an appointment.

Americans place immense value on politeness - so great that one of my neighbors, who has lived in the USA for decades, still mentions in conversations that he is from Germany. Foreigners are forgiven for the openness here, which would be perceived as hurtful among locals.

This country of all places now has a president who is incapable of any kind of disguise. Not that Donald Trump wouldn't try. The Washington Post has proven him to be 2140 distortions of the truth in his first year in office alone. Still, Trump is the truest president the US has ever had. Never before have the people been able to see so closely how a government functions at its core. The most powerful man in the world reveals to everyone what he thinks and plans, what annoys him, who has his ear.

Even when Trump is lying, he is telling the truth - because his tinkering reveals what drives and drives him. When the "New York Times" made the heavy television consumption public by the president in a large report, he did not react for days. Until the TV station MSNBC picked up the story. Everything was a lie, Trump tweeted angrily - and added, without any sense of irony, that he never actually watches MSNBC.

Trump lacks the self-discipline to deceive

After a year, Americans know more about Trump's character than they did in eight years through George W. Bush or Barack Obama. What other politician would openly blaspheme about "bastard" countries, no matter what they really think?

Trump may not have a moral compass, but he lacks the self-discipline necessary for systematic deception. When he recently announced that he would testify under oath in the Russia affair, his lawyers must have trembled. The president, however, apparently simply couldn't stand the fact that special investigator Robert Mueller had built a reputation for being dangerous to the man in the White House. Instead of keeping quiet tactically, Trump prefers to talk about head and neck.

For actor Larry David, breaking taboos is an artistic means of holding up a mirror to society. The President of the USA does not play. He's just always himself.