Why call a root canal dentist

Gentle root treatment with the latest technology

Teeth with inflammation inside the tooth, which in the past often had to be pulled, can now be restored in most cases by means of a root treatment and used as pillars for a crown or bridge. That is why a root canal treatment - endodontics - serves to preserve teeth.

Today there are modern, gentle methods with which the root canals are effectively cleaned and disinfected. In our dental practice, we carry out professional root canal treatments based on the latest scientific findings. When using a laser, there is hardly any inconvenience to be expected, even in difficult initial situations and acute inflammation. The probability that the therapy will be successful and that the tooth root will be preserved is more than 90 percent.

How inflammation occurs at the tooth root

Root canal treatment is necessary when caries bacteria spread into the interior of the tooth in deep tooth defects. With a good immune system, such an infection can be completely painless. But if too many bacteria penetrate into the root tips, it can turn into a very painful inflammation. It lets the tooth nerve die and destroys the tissue down to the jawbone. If left untreated, the tooth with the inflamed root can develop into a focus and cause chronic problems in the entire organism.

Treat painlessly and effectively with the laser

With the help of an X-ray, we make it clear whether and where a tooth root is inflamed. The task now is to completely remove bacteria and inflamed tissue from the root canal. In our dental practice, we work with highly magnifying loupes in order to expose the root canals as carefully as possible. With the help of a laser, we can then disinfect and seal the root canals effectively and painlessly. The laser beams reach the root tips and ensure permanent sterility. In this way we ensure that no bacteria remain and re-infect the jawbone and the surrounding tissue, so that the success of the treatment is jeopardized.

If there is no longer any inflamed tissue in the root canal, we seal it with biocompatible filling material to make it bacteria-proof. After therapy, the inflammation around the tip of the root can heal and healthy bone is formed again. Depending on the situation, the tooth can then be restored.


Only in rare cases is it necessary that the tip of the root has to be removed after a root canal treatment. This root tip resection is a surgical procedure that we also carry out in our dental practice.

So that it doesn't get that far in the first place

In dentistry, the term “minimally invasive” stands for lower risks and inconvenience. By preventing dental diseases and intervening before major damage occurs, you create optimal conditions for healthy teeth and healthy gums into old age. With early detection and individual prophylaxis, we can help prevent tooth damage from occurring in the first place.

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