What would make you stop eating pigs?

11 facts about pigs

1. Pigs know their name

Newborn piglets learn to listen to the mother's voice, and mothers sing to their babies as they nurse them. Pigs form complex social units and learn from one another in a way that has otherwise only been observed in primates.

2. Pigs are clean

When there is enough space, pigs make every effort not to litter the space where they sleep and eat. Pigs do not sweat "like a pig" because they cannot sweat at all. They love to bathe in water or mud to cool off - although they definitely prefer water.

3. Pigs like to play

In natural surroundings, pigs spend hours playing, sunbathing, and exploring their surroundings. People who work at sanctuaries often report that pigs, like humans, enjoy listening to music, playing ball and getting massaged.

4. Dream pigs

Similar to us humans. They snuggle up close and love to sleep nose to nose.

5. Pigs communicate

Pigs communicate with each other all the time. More than 20 of their oinks, grunts and squeaks were differentiated for different situations, from wooing their partners to saying "I'm hungry!"

6. Pigs are intelligent

Pigs are judged to be more intelligent than three-year-old human children and dogs. They can play video games with a joystick, they are capable of abstract representations, and years later they can remember words and objects they have learned.

7. Pigs orientate themselves well

The animals have an excellent sense of direction and find their way home even over great distances. Adult pigs can reach speeds of up to 10 miles per hour.

8. Pigs are connoisseurs

You don't eat “like a pig”, but prefer to eat slowly and with pleasure.

9. Pigs have good memories

Pigs remember very well where to find food. In nature, the food is distributed in different places, and it is worthwhile to find good feeding places again. Pigs have excellent memories.

10. Pigs are optimists

Few animals are as open-minded, curious and enthusiastic about the world as pigs do.

11. Pigs are brave

Pigs are known to have saved the lives of others, including human friends.