How long has it been since you were diagnosed


The first step after diagnosing cancer is to have a detailed discussion with your treating doctor about the exact results of the examinations and how things will proceed.

Let the individual treatment options for cancer be explained to you in detail and ask whether there are other options. The doctors will then work with you to determine the most suitable treatment strategy for you. This conversation should take place calmly and without time pressure. Let us explain to you exactly which procedure your doctor considers to be sensible and best suited. If you have concerns about the suggested treatment, ask him if there are other options.

Talk to your doctor about how the individual therapy options affect your quality of life, i.e. your physical condition, your mental well-being and your social environment.

Make sure you understand your doctor and ask if there is anything you do not understand. Let unknown foreign words be explained to you. Many doctors often fail to notice that they are using technical terms that they do not know.

The German Cancer Aid publishes the brochure "Cancer Dictionary - The Blue Advice 41", in which medical terms are explained in a way that is understandable for laypeople).

Sometimes in hectic everyday hospital or practice life, unfortunately, there is not enough time for discussions between doctor, patient and relatives.

If your doctor is not taking enough time for you, ask when you can have a more in-depth discussion. This is often possible if the appointment takes place at a different time, for example at the end of the practice period.