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Set up an AdWords location extension via Google MyBusiness

Google ads can be expanded with multiple elements. These expansions are constantly being updated, as happened recently with the location expansions. This article explains what the new features look like.

What is the site expansion?

Location extensions display the advertiser's (company) business address, phone number, and card marker. The extension will appear on the Google search network, on partner websites on the Google search network, on Google Maps and on mobile devices. Both search network, display network and search network with display selection are available.

Mobile users can navigate to the location directly with their smartphone and visit the local shop. The combination of online advertising and offline sales is therefore ideally possible here.
According to Google, ads with extended locations have a 10% higher click-through rate. Clicking on the ads is billed by default per CPC.

How is the site expansion set up?

The latest update of the location extension relates to the facility. Up until now it was possible to enter locations and phone numbers manually. A link to Google My Business must now be established.
That's how it's done:

  1. Go to ad extension in your account
  2. Select and update the location extension


  1. Go to + Extension and link the Google My Business account
  2. Now update again and then the My Business account, including all business addresses, should be visible. (If several addresses are stored on Google My Business, all of them will be transmitted to the AdWords account)
  3. Business data can now be displayed in all text ads.


Filter location extension

The targeting is controllable at the account, campaign and ad group level and it can be decided at each level on which devices the location extension is shown.
If you only want to add location extensions to certain campaigns or ad groups, you can set up appropriate filters. This means that the various addresses can be assigned to the appropriate campaigns / ad groups.
That's how it's done:

  1. + Select filter
  2. Select grouping by company name or category
  3. Enter the company name or category (exact name)
  4. If necessary, carry out further filtering
  5. Finished
  6. Add more filters with + and / + or

The location extensions can then be evaluated as usual. After a while, you will receive the performance statistics and can thus check the success of the site expansion.