Which course should the electrical engineer choose?

Electrical training

Our advanced training courses, qualifications and modules enable you to learn the skills currently required or to expand your existing knowledge. You learn independently and are guided and supervised by experienced trainers. In this way you can make yourself competitive again and improve your chances of a new job.

Among other things, we will qualify you for the following professions:

  • Qualified electricians for simple, defined, repetitive activities
  • Power converters
  • SDM solderers (soft solderers)

Soon we qualify you with our additional digital qualifications also for the following professions:

  • Digital networking specialist
  • Programming specialist
  • IT security specialist

You can find detailed information on the content of the new digital additional qualifications here.

In addition, we offer various subject areas, some of which are modular, such as:

  • PLC technology SIMATIC S7
  • Control cabinet construction and wiring
  • Electrical installation technology
  • Control technology
  • Control engineering
  • Electrical engineering

Our course modules are delimited in terms of content and time and are based on the regulations and framework plans of the recognized training professions in the electrical sector.