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Conveyor belt

Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts are used to transport items such as raw ore, refined materials and the like, (and Lizard Doggos)[1] between structures. They consist of a single track that can bend around curves and slope up and down to allow for vertical placement. Many buildings have connectors to allow the connection of ribbons to these buildings.

Properties [edit | Edit source]

Speed ​​[edit | Edit source]

There are several stages of the conveyor belt that determine its speed. When objects come together at a speed faster than the belt speed, elements can be squeezed together. For a visual comparison of the different belt speeds see this YouTube video from Coffee Stain Studios.

per minute
Mod. 4480

Mod. 6 conveyor belts are currently not available in Early Access.

Length [edit | Edit source]

The maximum length that a conveyor belt can span between conveyor masts and / or buildings is 49 meters.

Incline [edit | Edit source]

The maximum permissible slope is 1: 1.75. Note that rotating the belt is always horizontal. Therefore, only the straight part of the slope counts.

Tropic [edit | Edit source]

The turning circle of the conveyor belt is 2 meters.

Levels [edit | Edit source]

There are currently 5 levels of conveyor belts in the game:

Unpublished [edit | Edit source]

This unpublished conveyor belt stage is planned for future updates:

Tips [edit | Edit source]

Intervention in other areas Edit source]

This error means that the conveyor belt could not be built because it is in the collision box of another building. A belt can only collide with the building from which it was built. Splinters and mergers, on the other hand, can collide with buildings. Keep this in mind when planning the location of splitters and fusers.

Wrong connection [edit | Edit source]

The game prevents the engineer from incorrectly inserting a conveyor belt into a building. If the engineer cannot join the tape between two buildings, check that the buildings are rotated correctly.

Spiral elevator elevator Edit source]

Engineers can easily make a spiral conveyor belt early in the game by taking stairs and using them as the foundation for the conveyor belt. There must be at least 2 foundation points to create a spiral staircase. The stairs can be removed once the spiral is in place.

Navigation [edit | Edit source]

Players can be moved with the conveyor belts. They move the player faster than the corresponding tape speed. Ribbons can be temporarily built for exploration, e.g. B. for the purchase of electric screws.

To run against the direction of the tape, the player can jump onto the tape guardrail and run along it.

"The ground is too steep" when building on foundation seams Edit source]

If the conveyor belt cannot be placed on foundations because the mast is between two foundations on the seam, you can first place the conveyor mast and then build the belt. The problem has been resolved since patch 0.1.5.

Crossing ribbons Edit source]

It is possible to cross ribbons because the ribbons do not collide with each other. Ribbons can also traverse other objects such as terrain, trees, walls, foundations, and so on. Ribbons cannot pass through splinters, fusionators, factories and power poles.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • The conveyor belt was first shown in the E3 trailer
  • The bottom texture of the conveyor belt displays the reversed direction.
  • Higher tier of belts generally have guards at belt edge to prevent the player from slipping off the sides.

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