Is popcorn time free

Are you missing a good movie or series to throw in? Then try the streaming program Popcorn Time, which you can download for free here.

Today, regular TV channels as we know them are gradually starting to phase out in favor of streaming services like Netflix, HBO, Viaplay, etc. Streaming services tend to be cheaper, easier to use, ad free and in control of what you'll see and when. It's a freedom that many people have found joy in and, especially among the youth, streaming services have taken the place of television.

Popcorn Time is a streaming service that, unlike all other services, is free. Popcorn Time has a wide variety of movies, series and anime for you who want nothing to watch with your boyfriend on a Friday night.

Stream movies, TV shows, and anime the way your heart desires

Popcorn Time has a variety of old and new movies, TV series, and anime series, and new ones are added regularly. Popcorn Time really works as torrent software that includes a built-in media player. That said, it comes from a database on the internet that stores movies and broadcasts them for you. You can see everything from the Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Twillight, and whatever you think about it.

The Popcorn Time community is therefore a large part of the films and series available in the app. And it is more important than ever where the original programmers no longer work with it, just the user base that stands for further development.

Popcorn Time also supports multilingual subtitles as well as virus protection. So the software will not infect you with viruses if your movies are fetched from many corners of the network.

Enhance your Popcorn Time experience with lots of plugins

Popcorn Time makes a lot of sense that you, the user, can adapt the program to your particular taste. This is done using the software function Plugins. These plugins are important for both your player and torrent downloading. They can be turned on and off with one click.

For example, Popcorn Time allows you to open additional websites where the torrents database can be updated. Among other things, KickassTorrents has saved a lot of games, movies, books, etc. since 2008.

Popcorn Time also lets you choose which video players to use to play a movie or series. In addition to Popcorn Times' built-in video player, you can use up to 3 additional devices. All three have differences that they can make relevant to you depending on your needs.

There is also an integrated virus scanner that keeps your system safe. When things are downloaded from the internet and unofficial sites, you never know exactly what they might contain. So it's really cool that Popcorn Time recognizes this fact and protects you too.

Sit down with friends and family and watch your favorite movies and series

Popcorn Time is an ideal program for friends, relatives, and family. There is nothing like this side and comfort with something sweet about a really good movie or TV series. Popcorn Time, with its wide selection, at least ensures that there is something for everyone and that it is constantly updated to ensure supplies are not released. It's as convenient as Netflix and can be used on your laptop and played through Chromecast, etc. If you have young children who are not quite able to speak in English yet, all films are supplemented with subtitles so that they can also follow.

The only completely free streaming service out there

It might come as a surprise to everyone that Popcorn Hour is free. How can and offer the same (if not more) than Netflix? As mentioned earlier, the popcorn time is based on torrenting and streaming through the program. These torrents don't necessarily come from the movie or series producers. It is the people themselves who put these films online for download. Hence, Popcorn Time doesn't pay the millions that Netflix does to keep the catalog updated. However, there is a catch here that you need to be very aware of. Depending on the law, this may be a ban, so it is important that you familiarize yourself with the area in which you live. If not, you can use a VPN service to keep it safe.

Delicious design with great ease of use that falls into good soil

Like many other streaming services, Popcorn Time has a very nice design. At the top there are a number of areas where you can switch between movies, series, and anime. Popcorn Time will automatically scan the internet for torrents and give you a number of suggestions. Or you can search for it yourself and find the movie for you. It doesn't require a lot of effort on your part.

If you're not sure what some of the features do, just hover over them and a smaller dialog box will open to explain the tech behind the various features. This is especially useful if you are not that familiar with torrents.

Complementary software

Working with torrents on the internet makes it very important to protect yourself. Hence, when using Popcorn Time, it is recommended to have a good and strong antivirus that can detect and stop potential snipers on your system. Norton AntiVirus from Symantec is a good choice in this regard. It can be downloaded free of charge here.


Popcorn Time is a nice and simple program that allows you to stream your favorite movies and series anytime anywhere without paying. With its user-friendly design and wide variety of movies and series to choose from, it's a great competitor to the mastodonts like Netflix and HBO and is well worth a try.