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170 great baby names from around the world for boys and girls (+ meaning)

Find the most beautiful 170 baby names from all over the world with us. We have put together girl and boy names from different languages ​​and their meanings for you. In addition, we have five tips on how you are guaranteed to find the right name for your child.

We have compiled some of the most beautiful baby names from all over the world for you and added their meanings. Find the different sounds according to your taste. We have picked Hawaiian, Italian, Hebrew, Scandinavian, Latin, and even Elvish baby names for you. You will also find five valuable tips on how to find the right name in advance. The long search for the perfect name will soon come to an end.

5 tips for finding the right name

Tips for finding names

We have five tips for you on how to find the right name for your baby. With so many options, it is sometimes not that easy to keep track of things. We'll tell you how you can narrow down your choice of name so that the child is more likely to be satisfied with their name later. The future Good of the child should come first when choosing a name.

Limitation through elimination process

When making the right decision about a baby name, it is important to think not only about the baby but also about the future adolescent or adult. Names that just sound cute can lead to dissatisfaction later, especially among boys.

So deliberately keep out names that you think are inappropriate. Are there people you don't like and definitely don't want to name your child after them? Which trending names can you rule out so that your child does not become part of a phenomenon like "Kevin"? Do you like a certain language because of its sounds or not at all?

Check out our list of baby names from around the world. Maybe you can limit your choice a bit. In the case of names from other countries, it is important that you know what they mean. Otherwise, your child could be mocked abroad because their name translates as "monkey" or "soup". In a global world like ours you should get over various translations inform well. That is why we have always added the meaning of the name in the local language.

With nicknames, less is more

When it is the child's first name, less is often more. A single nickname is the least harmful, even if the child has a double name. Double names have the advantage that the child can even choose his own name later. Three or more first names often give the impression that the parents consider themselves to be particularly important.

But not only the first names, too many first names in general reduce the child's self-identification with his or her name and it is often noticed between others. Legal are precisely these reasons no more than five first names are allowed in Germany. The precedent for this restriction was set when a woman tried to name her son as many as twelve.

First and last name should match

First and last name should match

Every name will sooner or later be pronounced in the same breath as the surname. Parents love to forget that Alliterations or awkward pronunciation the children later not good like. It makes it easy for others to raise her by her name, or later they have permanent problems with the fact that no one can pronounce their full name and they have to spell it every time.

One example would be Gundula Gause and Claus Kleber, who, because of their names, were only too happy to be imitated in the comedy format "Switch Reloaded". The potential for laughter is particularly high when several sounds match Rosenbaum, Maria-Mareike Marolt and so on. Names that sound very similar are also not recommended, for example: Peter Peters, Frank Franke, Holger Holgerson and so on.

These names are banned in Germany

In this country, typically female first names are not allowed to be given to boys and vice versa. For example, girls may not be called "Dietrich" or "Jonas", boys not "Lena" or "Anneliese". However, there are a few exceptions that have now become established in Germany, such as "Kim" or "Maria". Local or well-known brand names such as “Hamburg” or “Gucci” may not be used.

In addition, no names are allowed that could later make the child look ridiculous, that are considered unreasonable or offensive. As proof, there are enough baby names that have been rejected by the registry offices. We have a few examples for you that parents actually wanted their children to do:

  1. Troublemaker
  2. Fanta
  3. Atomic peace
  4. Judas
  5. Satan
  6. Bierstübl
  7. Crazy Horse
  8. yogurt
  9. whiskey
  10. Gucci
  11. tick
  12. gramophone
  13. Schnucki
  14. coccyx
  15. Dracula
  16. Clove heini
  17. Mr. Perfect
  18. MC Donald
  19. Pinocchio
  20. Lucifer

Limit your creativity

Individual names are beautiful, but they shouldn't drift into the ridiculous. You can also create creative names, for example by combining the names of your parents into a nice new name, or you and your partner pick one name for each and you try to combine those two names.

Copied names that should have a creative effect, but through which one a stamp is always put on the childyou should avoid. The following names have actually been officially approved. However, you should by no means orientate yourself on them. The risk of bullying is too high and naming people by things does not really do justice to human dignity. Nicknames or nicknames are different, but the registered name should be for the best interests of the child.

  1. Nussi
  2. Blueberry
  3. Winnetou
  4. Cinderella melody
  5. Matt-Eagle
  6. Snow white
  7. Pebbles
  8. Champagne
  9. Pepsi-Carola
  10. Leonardo da Vinci Franz
  11. mikado
  12. Dee-Jay
  13. Popo
  14. clover
  15. Seven star

170 rare baby names from all over the world

Rare baby names from around the world

In the following we have put together some of the most beautiful baby names from all over the world for you. Find the most diverse sounds according to your taste. We have picked and compiled Hawaiian, Italian, Hebrew, Scandinavian, Latin and even Elvish baby names for you. Get an overview, write out the most beautiful ones and discuss them with your partner or family. It is better to keep your final decision under wraps so that no one can copy your name from you.

Hawaiian baby names

Hawaiian names are often short and have many vowels. Because of this, they are easy for us to pronounce and have a nice sound. You hear yourself gentle, peaceful and flowing for us. Hawaiian names are often poetic descriptions of nature or feelings.

When we think of the Polynesian cultural region of Hawaii, we think of sun, beach, sea and flowers - it solves relaxing moments for us Vacation associations out. It is with this subconscious feeling that others may encounter your child if they have a Hawaiian name. We have selected the most beautiful for you.

Hawaiian girls names

  1. Neyla
    Meaning: "Heaven"
  2. Luana
    Meaning: "the lucky one"
  3. Anela
    Meaning: "angel"
  4. Lani
    Meaning: "Heaven"
  5. Leilani
    Meaning: "heavenly flower"
  6. Alani
    Meaning: "orange tree" or "orange fruit"
  7. Malu
    Meaning: "Peace"
  8. Kalea
    Meaning: "joy" or "bright"
  9. Moana
    Meaning: "Ocean"
  10. Nalani
    Meaning: "calm sky"

Hawaiian boy names

  1. Akoni
    Meaning: "Worthy of admiration or praise"
  2. Ano
    Meaning: "the flawless"
  3. Jaden
    Meaning: "gratitude"
  4. Quay
    Meaning: "from the sea"
  5. Kalani
    Meaning: "the sky"
  6. Kaleo
    Meaning: "the sound"
  7. Lio
    Meaning: "lion"
  8. Lono
    Meaning: "Hawaiian God"
  9. Makani
    Meaning: "Wind"
  10. Nael
    Meaning: "son of the lion"

Italian baby names

Italian baby names

Italian baby names sometimes sound a bit cheeky to German native speakers, but this also makes them look extraordinary bright and lively. Many of the Italian names are sure to sound familiar to you. Due to our proximity to Italy, not only geographically, also in culinary terms and as a popular holiday destination, you have certainly come across most of the names. Nevertheless, they are considered to be quite rare in Germany and thus represent a great and special name choice.

Italian girl names

  1. Aye
    Meaning: "the guardian"
  2. Allegra
    Meaning: "cheerful / lively"
  3. Bianca
    Meaning: "the white" or "the beautiful"
  4. Fabiola
    Meaning: "little Fabier"
  5. Stilla
    Meaning: "the silence"
  6. Chiara (from Klara)
    Meaning: "bright / shining / beautiful / clear"
  7. Eleonora
    Meaning: Established by Eleanor of Aquitaine, exact origin unknown.
  8. Sara
    Meaning: "Princess", "Mistress" or "Princess"
  9. Alessia (from Alexandra)
    Meaning: "the protector"
  10. Ilaria (from male Hilarius)
    Meaning: "the cheerful"

Italian boy names

  1. Angelo
    Meaning: "the angel" or "the messenger of God"
  2. Benito (from Benedict)
    Meaning: "the blessed"
  3. Enrico (from Heinrich)
    Meaning: "ruler in his possession"
  4. Julio
    Meaning: "the young person"
  5. Maro
    Meaning: "the sailor"
  6. Sandro (by Alessandro / Alexander)
    Meaning: "Protector"
  7. Tonio (from Antonio / Antonius)
    Meaning: "Coming from the family of the Antonians"
  8. Luca
    Meaning: "shining"
  9. Frederico
    Meaning: roughly "protective ruler"
  10. Matteo
    Meaning: "Gift of God"

Hebrew baby names

Hebrew baby names

Hebrew is the old one Language found in the Bible. In the meantime, Hebrew has changed somewhat and is also called "Modern Hebrew" or "Ivrit" as the Israeli official language. Arabic is also the official language in Israel. For this reason there are some names below that still come from the old Hebrew language as well modern Hebrew nameswhich partially overlap with Arabic.

Hebrew names are particularly popular in Christianity. But despite their original Christian meaning, they are not only used by religious parents. Names like "Elias", "David" or "Elena" are heard more and more frequently in Germany. There are also enough Hebrew names that are very rare in Germany and therefore very special. Most of them sound as old as our era calm, level-headed and reliable. We have the most beautiful names and their meanings for you.

Hebrew girls' names

  1. Mara
    Meaning: "the bitter / the bitter sweet"
  2. Ava
    Meaning: "the strong", "the strong" or "the water"
  3. Elena
    Meaning: "the shining / the radiant"
  4. Adina
    Meaning: "the adorned" or "the elegant"
  5. Salome
    Meaning: "the peaceful / the peaceful"
  6. Liara
    Meaning: "light", "the shining one"
  7. Aliza
    Meaning: "the happy one"
  8. Adaja
    Meaning: "The Lord has adorned them."
  9. Daliah
    Meaning: "God has done great things."
  10. Ilana
    Meaning: "growing tree / small tree"

Hebrew boy names

  1. Aaron
    Meaning: "Fighter / Enlightened"
  2. Noah
    Meaning: "the consoling / calming"
  3. David
    Meaning: "the beloved" or "the beloved by God"
  4. Abiel
    Meaning: "My father is God." (Biblical first name)
  5. Elias
    Meaning: "My God is Yahweh" or "the child of the sun"
  6. Gabriel / Gabriyel
    Meaning: "Angel of God"
  7. Adin
    Meaning: "the adorned"
  8. Nael
    Meaning: "Winner who can do anything" (Arabic)
  9. Ezekiel
    Meaning: "God is strong."
  10. Jaron
    Meaning: "the one singing for joy"

Scandinavian baby names

Scandinavian baby names

The following baby names are from Scandinavian. That means they come from today's Sweden, Norway, Finland or Denmark, among others. They found their origin in the North Germanic languages Icelandic, Faroese, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. These languages ​​have produced many beautiful names that have become more and more popular in Germany over time.

Nordic names such as "Elsa", "Ida", "Finn" or "Nils" are known. Less known, but still beautiful and special are "Stina", "Alva", "Halvar" or "Stig". The Nordic sounds are not entirely unknown to us and seem familiar to us. This is because both languages ​​are part of the Germanic languages belong. That's why Nordic names mostly sound to us serious, calm, known and therefore more likely to be taken seriously as strange and amusing. Due to their linguistic relationship, they are not particularly noticeable in Germany, despite their rarity. We have put together an overview of modern and old Scandinavian names and their meanings for you.

Scandinavian girls names

  1. Juna
    Meaning: "the desired"
  2. Annika / Anna
    Meaning: "grace"
  3. Elsa
    Meaning: originally from "Elisabeth"
  4. Alicia
    Meaning: "of noble status"
  5. Amalie
    Meaning: "the capable"
  6. Ida
    Meaning: "the worker"
  7. Nora (from Eleonora / Honora)
    Meaning: "honor"
  8. Frida
    Meaning: "Peace"
  9. Aenna
    Meaning: "the gifted"
  10. Alva
    Meaning: "Elf / Nature Spirit"
  11. Freya
    Meaning: "Mistress" or "Goddess of love and marriage"
  12. Malin (from Magdalena)
    Meaning: "the exalted / the sublime"
  13. Finja
    Meaning: "the wanderer" or "the Finn"
  14. Lovisa
    Meaning: City in southern Finland
  15. Liva
    Meaning: "Protection / Defense"
  16. Runa
    Meaning: "hidden knowledge / tradition"
  17. Vanja
    Meaning: "God is gracious"
  18. Alma
    Meaning: "young woman" (Hebrew), "nourishing / fertile" (Latin) or "efficient / brave" (Gothic)
  19. Mailin (from Magdalena)
    Meaning: "the exalted / the sublime"
  20. Elin (from Helena)
    Meaning: "the sun-like / the radiant / the beautiful"
  21. Svea
    Meaning: "from the lake" or "free"
  22. Henja (from Henrike)
    Meaning: "mistress of the house"
  23. Jarla
    Meaning: "Jarl" was a Nordic title of prince
  24. Vida (from Davida)
    Meaning: feminine form of "David", the "darling of God"
  25. Linja (from Linnea)
    Meaning: Name of the flower "Linnaea" (moss bell)

Scandinavian boy names

  1. Sven
    Meaning: "young warrior"
  2. Bjarne
    Meaning: "the brown / bear"
  3. Thorben
    "God of Thunder" and "Bear"
  4. Jonte
    Meaning: "God is gracious"
  5. Enno
    Meaning: "who fights with the sword"
  6. Finn
    Meaning: "the Finn"
  7. Erik
    Meaning: "the only ruler"
  8. Ando
    Meaning: "Bird" and "God"
  9. Arvid
    Meaning: "eagle" and "tree"
  10. Johan
    Meaning: "God is gracious"
  11. Niklas
    Meaning: "winner of the people"
  12. Bjorn
    Meaning: "the brown / bear"
  13. Alvar
    Meaning: "Elf / Nature Spirit"
  14. Frederik
    Meaning: "the kingdom of peace"
  15. Bent
    Meaning: "the blessed"
  16. Thorge
    Meaning: "god of thunder" or "spear"
  17. Leif
    Meaning: "heir / descendant"
  18. Painted
    Meaning: "ruling protector"
  19. Knut
    Meaning: "the daredevil"
  20. Niels / Nils
    Meaning: Composition of "victory" and "people / war people"
  21. Janne
    Meaning: "Yahweh is gracious"
  22. Arne
    Meaning: "the eagle"
  23. Gunnar
    Meaning: "Combat" and "Army"
  24. Mika
    Meaning: "Who is like God?"
  25. Different
    Meaning: "the male / brave"
  26. Let
    Meaning: "the laurel wreath"
  27. Halvar
    Meaning: "the rock guardian / stone guardian"
  28. Stig
    Meaning: "Path"
  29. Gustav
    Meaning: "Rod of God"
  30. Mads / Mats
    Meaning: "Gift of God"
  31. Lennart
    Meaning: "Lion strong"
  32. Gates
    Meaning: "Donner / Donnergott"
  33. Lian
    Meaning: "moon"
  34. Stian
    Meaning: "the wanderer"
  35. rune
    Meaning: "hidden knowledge / secret wisdom"

Latin baby names

Latin baby names

There is something classic about Latin baby names. you are Timeless and have been forgiven for a long time. Even if some of them have been forgotten, some of them are already coming back to life today. Overall, however, Latin names are really rare in Germany. So if you want a special name for your child, the Exudes intelligence and is well received by others, a Latin name is just the thing.

If you are interested in Latin, you can also find new names from all sorts of Latin terms. Let yourself be inspired, for example, by Latin proverbs, quotes or sayings.

Latin girls names

  1. Aurelia
    Meaning: "the golden one"
  2. Aurinia
    Meaning: "stone herb" or "seer"
  3. Florentia
    Meaning: "the highly respected"
  4. Laelia
    Meaning: "the left one"
  5. Aurora
    Meaning: "Dawn"
  6. Gaea
    Meaning: "the earth"
  7. Laurentia
    Meaning: "the laurel wreaths"
  8. Vivana
    Meaning: "the living / the lively"
  9. Sollemnia
    Meaning: "Solemn, religious"
  10. Barda
    Meaning: "The Bard" or "Singer"
  11. Hersilia
    Meaning: In Roman mythology the Sabine wife of Romulus.
  12. Lepida
    Meaning: "the mildness / the charming"
  13. Sperantia
    Meaning: "Hope"
  14. Dulcia
    Meaning: "the sweetness"
  15. Gratia
    Meaning: "grace" or "grace"

Latin boy names

  1. Caius
    Meaning: "the happy one"
  2. Aries
    Meaning: "the ram"
  3. Justinus
    Meaning: "the righteous"
  4. Cupid
    Meaning: "Desire, desire, lust, love"
  5. Antony
    Meaning: "Coming from the family of the Antonians"
  6. Livy
    Meaning: "the bluish one" or "the jealous one"
  7. Natalis
    Meaning: "the one born on Christmas"
  8. Marianus
    Meaning: "the man from the sea"
  9. Tatius
    Meaning: A king of the Sabines who ruled the Romans together with Romulus.
  10. Vitus
    Meaning: "the living one"
  11. Elicius
    Meaning: One of the epithets of the Roman god Jupiter.
  12. Hadrianus
    Meaning: "the end from Hadria"
  13. Maximin
    Meaning: "the great, the greatest"
  14. Marcius
    Meaning: "consecrated to the Roman god of war Mars"
  15. Arminius
    Meaning: Name of a Germanic war prince

Something very special: Elvish baby names

Elvish baby names

Elvish is the language used by J. R. R. Tolkien for his works "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings". He was not only a writer, but also a philologist (linguist) and made it his business to create languages ​​that sound good in his eyes. Elvish is very pleasant in its sounds; there is something mystical, magical about it.

Elvish names have the peculiarity that they several properties in one word sum up. For example, the name "Avallóne" translates as "closest to the Valar lands on an island in a deep pond harbor". Below you will find the most beautiful Elvish names and their meanings. Some of them are known in the fan communities, but still not clearly recognizable as Elvish for the general public. So your child does not immediately evoke an association with "The Lord of the Rings" in laypeople.

Elvish girl names

  1. Niniel
    Meaning: "tear maiden"
  2. Arias
    Meaning: "Shone by the sunlight"
  3. Ilmare
    Meaning: "heavenly beauty"
  4. Firieth
    Meaning: "mortal woman"
  5. Celebrían
    Meaning: "silver queen"
  6. Tinnúviel
    Meaning: "Daughter of Twilight"
  7. Arwen
    Meaning: "noble woman"
  8. Dineth
    Meaning: "young lady"
  9. Elanor
    Meaning: "Sun star (flower type)"
  10. Lumiel
    Meaning: "shadow daughter"

Elvish boy names

  1. Theodes
    Meaning: "People's Lord"
  2. Aranel
    Meaning: "the beautiful"
  3. Aldon
    Meaning: "tree"
  4. Haldir
    Meaning: "secret hero"
  5. Tharbad
    Meaning: "intersection"
  6. Anduin
    Meaning: "long river"
  7. Firion
    Meaning: "mortal man"
  8. Amon Sûl
    Meaning: "wind hill"
  9. Círdan
    Meaning: "Shipbuilder"
  10. baron
    Meaning: "home"

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