Is vengeance sweet or empty

Revenge tastes sweet

March 22, 2021 | Manga 0

Sweet Nao had an equally sweet childhood: her mother is a pastry chef in the famous Kogetsuan, where the most wonderful and beautiful sweets are made. She also befriends the owner's son, Tsubaki, and everything just seems to be perfect ... Until one evening the owner of the shop is found dead and Tsubaki points to Nao's mother as the murderer. Nao's mother was sent to prison, where she died soon afterwards. Nao herself was thrown out of the Kogetsuan. 15 years later, at the age of 21, Nao followed in her mother's footsteps and became a top pastry chef who is now supposed to present sweets for a wedding party. However, she is not alone: ​​She competes with none other than Tsubaki from Kogetsuan, who does not recognize her, however. Shortly before, she met a "fan of her mother's work," as he puts it, who pressed a letter into her hand. Her mother wrote this a long time ago and includes the simple line "It wasn't me!". More than ever, Nao is now trying to find out what exactly happened that fateful night so many years ago, and to get revenge on Tsubaki as well. When Tsubaki Nao later proposes to marry, she accepts his proposal in order to get closer to his family and their secret ...

Revenge tastes sweet (in Japanese: Watashitachi wa douka shite iru) is an exciting Josei with mind games, dark secrets, a gloomy atmosphere and the interesting world of Japanese sweets. We will publish the 14-volume series by Natsumi Andou from October every two months for € 6.50 (€ 6.70 A) and as an e-book for € 5.49.

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