I can safely eat rock salt

Iodized salt - not a blessing for everyone ...

GLOBAL 2000: How do you get that Morbidus Basedow discovered?

Scribe: Twelve years ago, I once felt pretty bad. At that time I got the diagnosis: The thyroid gland is crazy and I have Graves' disease. I treated it with conventional medicine for one and a half to two years. I've been told to avoid iodized salt and a seaside vacation is out of the question. Then they said I should have an operation on my thyroid. You could live with that. As a wind musician, I thought to myself, I wouldn't let myself be cut in the neck. The Graves won't go away just because the thyroid is out. My family doctor said we should stop the treatment now. After that I had four years of rest, but then it came again. Only the second time did I deal a little more with the causes and with alternative treatment methods. I have to take pills. But I can also control my well-being pretty well through diet.

GLOBAL 2000: The connection between goiter formation and iodine deficiency was recognized in Switzerland at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, one began to supply the population nationwide.

Scribe: The general supply certainly made a difference. But you have to slowly evaluate now. The side effects are now stronger than the main effects against the goiters. There are studies from the 1960s that show that it was not the iodine deficiency alone that caused the goiters. I think it is urgently necessary to measure the iodine level of each individual during health examinations.

GLOBAL 2000: Nutritionists still believe that it is important to get as much iodine as possible through your diet. But they say there is actually too much iodine in the food and we don't really know where it is in. How did you solve that for yourself?

Scribe: I mainly buy organic food and eat close to nature. I don't cook much, I eat a lot raw. In an acute phase I only ate raw vegetables for three months. Just lettuce, raw vegetables, nothing cooked. That was a phase where I felt very comfortable, where my values ​​were very good. Even if this has no direct connection with iodine. I only use uniodinated salt. The unnatural iodide is in the iodized salt. The natural iodine found in food isn't that problematic for me. When shopping, I also make sure that there is no iodized salt inside. But shopping is becoming more and more difficult. In Austria in particular, finished products can hardly be found without iodized salt. I became a vegetarian. I don't eat meat or fish. The animals are fed with iodine. Therefore, meat and milk are also contaminated with iodine. Of course, you need a certain amount of iodine. But there are also voices critical of iodine who say we are simply already over-iodized. Even conventional doctors say that in the acute stage I should avoid iodine in Graves' disease. I notice immediately when I eat something where iodized salt is inside. At least I imagine it ... There are of course people who live in regions where there is an iodine deficiency. But then do you iodine the whole world? It would be like if 30 percent of the population had regular headaches, but 100 percent were forced to take aspirin regularly.