Actors prefer comedy to tragedy

You came to the Schauspielhaus Zürich in the 2009/10 season together with the artistic director Barbara Frey. Barbara Frey is leaving the house at the end of the 2018/19 season. Are you staying, are you moving on with Barbara Frey, or where are you going?

Markus Scheumann: Nothing has been signed yet. What is certain is that it will continue elsewhere and in permanent engagement. That is the work context that I have come to appreciate over the years. It is certainly good to get some distance from a city and certain constellations.

What does the “never change a winning team” grow out of, the fact that artistic directors like to come to a new house with their actors? Out of a need for security, a comfort zone?

Markus Scheumann: One requires the other. New people with whom you will work intimately can also instill fear at first. Gaining mutual trust naturally takes time and, above all, curiosity on all sides. With good reason, many artistic directors want to keep the risk of being disappointed along the way as low as possible. When this becomes a comfort zone, we're back to routine and the alarm bells should ring. It's no different in the theater than in well-rehearsed soccer teams.

You will be 50 this year. Are you stuck in the “stage juice” or are you shaking one or the other thought of getting older, of the competition between younger people, of the knowledge of the role that older actors do not have endlessly?

Markus Scheumann: Playing is not a question of age.