Should be added sugar to espresso

Flavor espresso with vanilla without sugar or other sweeteners?

I would add the vanilla to the espresso after this I brewed it.

You can use vanilla extract (liquid or powder) or real vanilla pods.

Adding either of these to the coffee beans would be a shame for your grinder (if you have a good grinder like an espresso deserves).

Adding vanilla pods or seeds to the basket would affect the microchannels like the synthetic extract likely would. Also, the extraction time has to be very precise to extract the coffee flavor and we would be lucky if they coincided.

The answer @JoeFish gave in his comment is very interesting as coffee is known to absorb odors. However, experimentation should be used to verify that these flavors are extracted when brewing espresso.

Just brewed espresso has a temperature of around 70 ° C. If you infuse the vanilla pods for 3 or 4 minutes, you will get some flavor and you can reuse the pods several times. If you use vanilla extract, it will dissolve in water so you can add it after brewing too.

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+1. I also meant that the extract or synthetic flavor should be added after brewing, but now that I've reread my answer I didn't mention it there, thanks for pointing it out.


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