What is the best self development system

Refinement of Kundalini Energy
Possibly the simplest healing and self-development system in existence

Gold Reiki is a Reiki that the Danish Reiki master Ole Gabrielsen developed. It is a very powerful and at the same time very soft energy. It is a very good addition to Kundalini Reiki - which is also by Ole Gabrielsen - and is usually passed on to Kundalini Reiki masters. Gold Reiki is independent of other types of Reiki, but can also be combined well.

Gold Reiki works especially on old blockages that have to do with fear.

This energy is a slightly different vibration frequency and is perceived by many users as being softer and more feminine. A pleasant and loving energy.

Gold Reiki 1:

This first attunement relaxes the solar plexus in particular and relieves tension. You will be taught to do a full healing session and also to heal remotely.

Gold Reiki 2:

The Reiki channels are strengthened. You will be taught a specific meditation. When you do this meditation, the golden light in you is strengthened. In this way all chakras / energy systems are enlightened and a purification and refinement takes place. (This meditation is not original by Ole, but was given to Master Kuthumi at my request.)

Gold Reiki 3 (Gold Reiki Master):

The previous attunements are strengthened and refined. The golden light is strengthened and now fills the whole aura. You will be taught to tune crystals and other objects to function as Reiki channels. You will also learn to tune other people into Gold Reiki.