You can put eggs in the microwave

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The microwave is becoming more and more popular and there is a lot that can be heated in it. But can it also be used to cook eggs? Eggs from the microwave sounds very strange at first. But we can say it works. One can be Breakfast egg cook in the microwave too. Also a Scrambled or fried eggs can be cooked in the microwave without any problems.

The egg from the microwave: just a few steps to the perfect egg

In principle, it is not difficult to cook the egg in the microwave. Then you don't need to put a pot of water on the stove or use an egg boiler. However, the cooking time for a soft or hard egg can no longer be calculated as easily as with our egg calculator.

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The way to the breakfast egg:

  • Use a microwave safe bowl and put the eggs inside
  • Add enough water to the bowl to completely cover all of the eggs. Ideally, the water should be 1-2 cm higher than the top of the eggs. Isn't an egg completely covered with water, it can burst very quickly and cause a mess in the microwave.
  • Give something salt into the water. This will reduce the chances of the eggs bursting while cooking.
  • Now the microwave has to be switched on. The cooking time is approx. 10-12 minutes, depending on the power of the microwave. It is generally advisable not to use the highest level. Medium performance is completely sufficient.
  • Carefully remove the bowl from the microwave. Be careful, it is very hot. Let the eggs cool for a few minutes and the breakfast egg is ready.

The way to scrambled eggs

So you don't even need a pan for scrambled eggs. This also makes it easier to rinse later. For the Scrambled eggs from the microwave you only need one Cup.

You take about 2-3 eggs, depending on how much you like for breakfast. Of course, you can't just make scrambled eggs for breakfast. This is also possible for lunch or vespers. You crack the eggs and whisk them in the cup. Depending on your preference, the right spices are added here. Then stir well again so that everything is well mixed.

It doesn't take long in the microwave until the scrambled eggs are ready. It is advisable to stop the microwave briefly after a minute and stir well again. Then put the scrambled eggs in the cup back in the microwave for just under a minute, then the scrambled eggs are ready and can be served.

Be careful when cooking eggs in the microwave

An egg in the microwave always involves certain dangers. Despite all precautionary measures, it can burst suddenly. As long as this happens in the microwave and the door is closed, there is only one big mess. However, it is also possible that the egg will only burst after the microwave has been switched off. Bad burns can occur here.

Therefore, always leave the eggs in the microwave for a short time with the door closed so that any pressure that may have built up in the egg can be reduced again.