What is a good tuna salad recipe

Simple tuna salad with tomatoes and peppers

A wonderfully simple tuna salad that is made in a flash and can be prepared almost entirely from your own supplies. A vitamin-rich salad with high-quality protein couldn't be easier.

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You can now get peppers and tomatoes all year round. Nevertheless, I prefer to prepare this delicious salad in summer, when peppers and tomatoes are in season. They are simply the most aromatic in summer. A delicious aroma of the ingredients has a great influence on the taste of this salad combination, precisely because everything tastes more intense.


So if you don't have much time and leisure to cook after a hard day at work, this delicious turbo salad is just the thing. You should always have a few cans of tuna in the house anyway. The best from sustainable fisheries, which you can now get in every well-stocked supermarket.

There is canned tuna in oil and pickled in its own juice. As a marine fish, it contains a particularly large number of omega 3 fatty acids, provides vital iodine and high quality protein. A delicious, light and refreshing salad that you can also add to a grill buffet.

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Simple tuna salad with tomatoes and peppers

Print out the recipe


  • The onions finely chop and the tomatoes and peppers into small cubes to cut. parsley chop very small. The tuna already drain let and with a fork crush something.
  • Mix the oil and vinegar in a salad bowl with the lemon sprinkler. Put the chopped vegetables and tuna in the bowl and mix everything together. Season with salt and fresh pepper to taste.
  • I wish you a Enjoy your meal!


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