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Jackets, shoes, bags, watches, car seats, sofas - today there are hardly any areas of application in which conventional leather products are not also available in artificial leather versions. From a purely visual point of view, they are sometimes very difficult to distinguish from real leather products.

Can you tell if it is synthetic leather or real leather? Mostly not that easy! With the advancing development in artificial leather production, it is no longer easy to unmask imitations at first glance. Once the leather is processed, it becomes even more difficult. However, here are a few tips:

In addition to a visual test, the feeling of skin contact can also be decisive. Real leather is soft and adapts to the ambient temperature faster and better than artificial leather. The synthetic leather feels cooler for longer.

The material can be examined more closely at the seams and ends. Real leather has a rough, coarse, fibrous structure on the edges, while artificial leather has rather smooth edges. If several layers can be seen, this is also an indication of an imitation.

Leather often has a strong odor of its own, which can, however, disappear over time, while artificial leather is more odorless. However, more and more artificial leather manufacturers are using aromas to give imitations the typical leather smell.

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Real leather has a characteristic surface that is homogeneous but not completely symmetrical. The individual grains are particularly eye-catching. In the case of artificial leather, on the other hand, the texture looks the same or is repeated.

Artificial leather usually has a textile back with fine, softer fibers or a woven or felt layer, while real leather tends to have a rough and fibrous back.

Leather can absorb fat or oils if you test it on a hidden area. With artificial leather, the oil runs off the surface, but this can also be the case with leather with special finishes and fixings. Please do not test this in stores.

If leather is singed, it gives off the same smell as if you burn your hair. The burned leather is mostly gray-greenish or, in the case of vegetable-tanned leather, very deep black. Again, please do not try it out on products that have not yet been purchased.

No obligation to declare

Sometimes even experts cannot identify the material as synthetic leather at first glance. It is therefore all the more difficult for the end user to distinguish between leather and synthetic leather. When buying leather products, you have to rely on the information provided by the seller - there is no clear obligation to declare in Switzerland.

But you have to be careful when shopping online, at trade fairs or when shopping abroad. This can also lead to incorrect or misleading labeling.


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Artificial leather is also called “Skai”, “Vinyl”, “Pelliccia Artificiale” or “Piel artificial”. Mostly, however, labels such as “polyamide” or “polyester” and the like appear. All of these terms have nothing to do with real leather.

Beware of misleading names

The term is intended to suggest to the consumer that it is real leather. In fact, the leather-like material PU leather is not a natural, animal skin or fur, but cheap plastic that is intended to bring customers closer to high-quality leather products. In the case of split leather, a thin surface layer made of PU is also possible.

  • «Textile leather»

The term also suggests to the customer that it is leather or a mix of leather and textile, which is not the case. The consumer will assume that textile leather contains real leather.

Why synthetic leather

Since leather is an expensive material and because of the scars and damage to leather and the irregular outer contour of a leather hide, the cutting costs are very high, attempts have been made for some time to represent a leather surface with a substitute material. Artificial leather is used in almost all areas where leather is used: in shoes, clothing, jewelry, furniture or vehicles. But there are also areas where artificial leather is better than leather. For example on motorcycles or boats. Sun and water would damage the leather too much. Imitation leather is also often used in the medical field (dentist beds, massage tables, examination and treatment furniture). Such furniture must be disinfected regularly. The disinfectants are mostly solvent-based and would remove the upper layer of color from the leather too quickly or cause it to become brittle.
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