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Soap sales have exploded since the beginning of the corona pandemic. Popular products fail in the test. Soaps from Aldi, Lidl and Co were also tested.

  • Eco test* tested 55 liquid soaps.
  • Among other things, products from Aldi*, Lidl*, Edeka*, Rossmann, dm and Kaufland tested.
  • In some products, the experts in test problematic ingredients found.

Kassel - Regular hand washing is a must in the Corona*-Pandemic get a new meaning, it protects against transmission of the virus. However, one should pay attention to which one Soap one uses. Because, that's the result of one thing Testing from Ökotest, "Soap is not just soap".

Ökotest put a total of 55 liquid soaps to the test and found enormous differences. The test shows: only part of the checked Liquid soaps meets the expectation. Seven soaps failed because they contain problematic ingredients. Including soaps from popular brands such as Dove and Sagrotan.

Soaps in the test: this is how products from Aldi, Lidl, Edeka and dm perform

At least 19 tested Soap received the grade "very good" from Ökotest, including all 14 soaps with a natural cosmetic seal. The “good” soaps also include many cheap soaps from the discounter. However: “The“ very good ”soaps cost more on average. Because milder surfactants have their price, ”explains Ökotest editor Heike Baier.

To the "very good" soaps in the test also include the "Alterra cream soap white tea and organic lime" from Rossmann, the "Alverde liquid soap organic lavender organic mallow" from dm, the "Terra Nutri Happy Lime liquid soap" from Müller drugstore. The “good” soaps also include many inexpensive products from discounters, supermarkets and drugstores: the “Balea Cream Soap Milk & Honey” from dm, the “Cien Cream Soap Oliv” from Lidl, the “Bevola Jasmin Blossom Liquid Soap” from Kaufland, the “Elkos Body Liquid Soap Sea Dream” from Edeka and the “Ombia Almond Hand Soap, liquid” from Aldi north* and Aldi south*.

Experts find harmful ingredients: These products fail the test

in the test also cut many branded products with "good", this includes the "Nivea Creme Soft Care Soap, liquid "," Duschdas Tingling Fresh Lime & Mint Scented Hand Soap ". In the test, the "Dove Nourishing hand wash lotion ”. It contains the harmful fragrance Lilial. The "Sagrotan Liquid hand soap “Aloe Vera” even only gets the rating “unsatisfactory”, it contains the preservative chloromethylisothiazolinone (CIT) and promises an antibacterial effect for which the company has not submitted a convincing effectiveness study.

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Soap in the test: Ökotest finds harmful ingredients

In the current test if the recipes accumulate a number of problematic substances, see above Eco test. Among other things, the preservative chloromethylisothiazolinone (CIT), which is an organic halogen compound and is considered a strong allergen, was found in products. Manufacturers are no longer allowed to use this preservative in cosmetics that remain on the skin. In products intended for rinsing, the amount is strictly regulated by law.

Soaps in the eco test: a fragrance found can impair fertility

In two liquid soaps was im test found the synthetically produced musk fragrance Galaxolid. It accumulates in human tissue and endangers water. In five Soap the experts from Ökotest found the fragrance Lilial. The EU classified the fragrance as a Category 1B hazardous substance in May 2020. According to the classification, it can impair fertility and is suspected of harming the unborn child.

Soap in the test: Harmful preservatives found in liquid soaps - ÖKO-TEST

- Helmut Baltrusch (@ Balelt41) December 31, 2020

The ingredient in cosmetics could be banned from 2022. The experts also deducted points for products that promise an antibacterial effect on their bottles: the additional benefit of such products has by no means been proven with certainty.

Ökotest regularly tests products that consumers often use or eat - it was not until autumn 2020 that the consumer magazine examined oat flakes and found problematic pollutants * there. Pizzas have also been put to the test - dangerous mineral oil residues were found in a well-known frozen pizza. (Sarah Neumeyer) * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.