How do I find a dermatologist

How to find the right dermatologist

Published on 11/22/2012

If you read or hear stories from people suffering from rosacea, you will quickly notice that it often took a long time for them to find out what illness they suffer from. As a result, they have had a long path of suffering, and the helplessness and despair that redness and pustules will never go away have often grown steadily in them. But why can it take so long to get the correct diagnosis?

Rosacea remains a relatively unknown disease among the population - many people have never heard of it. Affected people sometimes interpret them as a sudden allergic reaction that will soon go away on its own. So many tend not to attach great importance to the skin changes at first and try to cover up the swelling and redness on the face. Most people don't think of a disease at the beginning. So how can you go about getting help as quickly as possible? And how do I find the right doctor?

If you notice skin changes that last longer, don't let time go by. Go to your family doctor who is treating you and show him the affected areas of skin. Ask him directly which dermatologist to contact and whether he can recommend a dermatologist for you. Local doctors know each other better than you think and often even work together within networks, regardless of their specific specialty. If you trust your general practitioner, he should definitely be your first port of call for a referral to the dermatologist. Another option is to contact a dermatologist directly. This is also possible. Without a referral from your general practitioner, however, you have to pay the 10 euro practice fee.

Dermatologist search via the World Wide Web
Another way of finding a dermatologist is - unsurprisingly - the World Wide Web. Get an initial overview of the dermatologists in your area with the help of the Internet. How does this work? Meanwhile, some portals offer a search function for the search for a doctor. The Professional Association of German Dermatologists (BVDD), for example, offers this service. On the BVDD website you can quickly find the names and contact details of the various dermatologists, sometimes also their special qualifications and practice equipment, and in many cases the web address and there also more details on the main therapeutic areas of the dermatologist's practice.

Rating portals on the Internet
Of course, the portals where the dermatologists and practices can be assessed by the patients are also interesting. But caution is advised here: Not all portals meet the necessary quality criteria to be able to deliver representative and reliable data. For example, there must be protection against multiple evaluations in order to prevent manipulative results. You should also pay attention to the number of assessments, as only a large number of assessments on the respective practice allows a comprehensive picture. But also make yourself aware of the following: Unfortunately, patients who are dissatisfied often express themselves on such portals and thus falsify or worsen the overall assessment of the respective practice.

Doctor recommendation by experienced associations
If you are too unsure of doing Internet research on your own, you can also contact special organizations directly. For example, if you consult the Professional Association of German Dermatologists (BVDD) or German Rosacea Help, you can benefit from their many years of experience. Such institutions can easily name local dermatologists, but also provide information or give you tips. Of course, we are also happy to answer any questions you may have!

How did you proceed? Report here in the blog how you found your dermatologist!