Does palmistry mean something

Reading hand lines for beginners: what do the lines mean?

A party trick, idle chatter or rip-offs from the hocus-pocus esotericists - often palm reading is nothing more than that for many people. A thorough palm reading can be deeper than laying tarot cards or your zodiac sign. She brings your hidden self to the fore and can tell you what lies ahead of you in the future.
Like any esoteric practice, palm line interpretation has many different methods and can be very complicated. A long and detailed palm reading is not only concerned with the lines on the palm of your hand, but also with the lengths of your fingers. Because they give readers useful information about the many facets of your personality.
Today we are only concerned with the basics of palm reading, i.e. the main and secondary lines of your palms. And even if it seems very difficult to recognize all the lines at first, you don't have to think about giving up right away. As fortune teller Christine Lenihan explains, anyone can learn the practice of palm reading - it's just a matter of practice.
But it is important that you always rely on your intuition, because this is the only way you can freely develop your spiritual being. Clairvoyant Fahrusha agrees and adds that a pronounced sixth sense can of course do no harm.
No matter whether your clairvoyant powers are particularly strong or you are still a bloody beginner, in this slideshow I invite you to a lesson in the basics of palm reading. And maybe you will soon know more about your friends than they do ...