Most wedding photographers are women

Wedding Photography: The 10 Biggest Mistakes!

If your uncle is aprofessional wedding photographer works, then there is actually a very good chance that you will receive great photos after the wedding. If not, you should think twice about getting one Amateur photographers want to get involved!

The wedding blog "Tulle & lace”Wrote a very impressive article about how the pictures of the hobbky clipper and the professional differ.

And you will also find enough on our portal Argumentswho speak against "the uncle with the camera":Wedding photographer: yes or no?

Please keep in mind when making your decision that wedding pictures (mostly) only once in a lifetime can be made!

2. Wedding photographers are way too expensive!

The photographer accompanies the wedding party 5 hours long and demand for it 1500€. So make one Hourly wage of € 300. I beg your pardon?!

At this hourly wage, we would probably all have become wedding photographers! However, the 5 hours “only” relate to the on-site shoot. The total time expenditure is significant greater and consists of the following services:

  • Personal preliminary talk, often at the wedding location
  • Prepare equipment, plan travel and possible overnight stays
  • Arrival to the wedding location, location scouting
  • Photo shoot during the wedding
  • Departure, possibly after an overnight stay
  • Viewing the wedding photos
  • Post-processing of some / all wedding photos
  • Provision of photos (photo book, online gallery, DVD, etc.)
  • Invoicing

This is how 5 hours become fast 50 hours or more and then the price of the wedding photographer is quite justified .. right?

3. We do the bridal couple shoot quickly in between

Most newlyweds want a few chic onesposed portrait pictures in front of a beautiful backdrop. But unfortunately they often underestimate the time required for the shoot!

“Take a quick photo” does not work in most cases. Often the best location is a bit far cry and most of the time the bride has to do it again freshly prepared so that the wedding photos are really beautiful.

So you should at least 30 minutes calculate for the bride and groom shoot and think about when you want to do the shoot. You can offer an entertainment program so that your guests do not get bored during this time.

4. During the break, the photographer can do other things