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regeneration of teeth-restoration of tooth enamel

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Hi guys!!
I'm just away from the k * and take good care of my little teeth so that they will feel better again soon and they can recover ... my question: do any of you know products that regenerate tooth enamel and maybe after a long period of use slightly the tooth enamel and parts of it Restore teeth (just very slightly - more is not possible) ?? apart from the elmex jelly ?? or are there methods at the dentist how the teeth can regenerate and become firmer ??
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Sun Jun 06, 2004 7:07 pm
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Unfortunately, tooth enamel cannot be rebuilt!

You can only harden the tooth enamel with various products such as elmex gelee so that it does not let caries through.

Apart from elmex gelee, I don't know any methods to regenerate tooth enamel.

What should be good (said my dentist) is professional teeth cleaning every six months. You can also have your teeth sealed. Dental floss for the interdental spaces and highly fluoridated toothpastes.

In addition, if you no longer k * walk, your teeth will no longer be exposed to the acid. I think that with the right care, as mentioned above, nothing bad can happen anymore.

The acid softens the tooth enamel, which is why the caries can penetrate. It is worn away by friction. Since your mouth is no longer acidic, tooth decay can no longer enter as easily. However, you should be careful with acidic foods such as apples, orages or fruit juices. They have almost the same effect as if you were k *. Never brush your teeth immediately after eating any food!

Congratulations on your success! Hope it stays that way!
Best regards!
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