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In the summer of 2015, more than a million people fled to Europe. Many of them fled Syria because of the civil war in that country. They had lost hope of an improvement in the situation. The people fled across the sea or were on foot for many weeks. Many thousands of refugees also came from Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea and Nigeria. Many also fled poverty and economic hardship, especially from Kosovo, Albania and Serbia. Many also came from refugee camps in Lebanon or Turkey. They had given up hope of being able to return to their home countries soon. In Europe they hoped for a life of security without war and fear. Many refugees already had relatives who lived in European countries. They wanted to get through these difficult times with relatives.

Welcoming culture

Around 900,000 refugees came to Germany in 2015. A lot of people helped the refugees. There were many reasons for this, we will name four.

  1. Our constitution says: Politically persecuted people enjoy the right of asylum (Article 16a of the Basic Law). It is therefore an obligation to take in people who are persecuted for political reasons in Germany.
  2. The refugees were in a very difficult situation; they needed help and support in order to be able to live in a decent manner. Germany is a rich country. So for many people it was a matter of course to help others in need.
  3. After the Second World War, Germany received a lot of support from many quarters. People remembered it. Help for the refugees was an opportunity to give back something of what they received even in times of need.
  4. Many Germans were on the run themselves after the Second World War. They have experienced and told their children that in times of need you need the help of other people.
Critical voices

But there were and are also critical voices. Some people said that the high number of refugees in Germany was overwhelming for the country. They complained about the difficulties in registering the refugees and feared problems with the integration of the newly arrived people. Some called for the national borders to be closed completely for refugees. Others called for more determination in returning rejected refugees to their home countries. It was also criticized that there was no coordination with other EU states to ensure a fair distribution of the refugees among the EU member states.

"The boat is full" from the Brandenburg Children's Rights Film Festival 2014/15

Refugees should be taken in a city. Parents are concerned about the well-being of their children - but they come up with something very special to get their parents to rethink. The film "Das Boot ist voll" by schoolchildren won an award at the Brandenburg Children's Rights Film Festival 2014/15. Start the film!


Much has been done in recent years to ensure that refugees and non-refugees can live together in Germany. The federal, state and local administrations have ensured that the refugees are supplied. Many refugees have learned German in language courses, they have started training or have taken on a job. The children who came to us as refugees go to school and get to know other children.
Asylum procedures have been accelerated in politics. New legal regulations have been adopted so that integration can be even better.