How can I speak modern English

Speaking English opens many doors!

Speaking English opens many doors!


English is not wrongly the world language. 360-400 million people in the world speak English as their first language, 750 million as a second mother tongue and 600-700 million people learn English as a foreign language to communicate with other people around the planet!

So that definitely sounds like a good reason to learn English, doesn't it !?

As a native German speaker, you have a big advantage when you learn English, because the two languages ​​are more similar than you think. English and German are both part of the Germanic language family (as well as Dutch, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian). That means you can see many similarities between the languages ​​and build so many donkey bridges.


Especially when traveling, you have a clear advantage if you can speak English. It is the official language of 53 countries (that's a quarter of all countries in the world!). But also because many learn English as a foreign language, you can communicate with even more people! A popular option is to apply to a language school like International House Newcastle and bring your English to a high level and even fly back home with a certificate in hand at the end. This certificate confirms your level and you can put it on your resume and increase your chances of getting a good job!


One of the best things about staying at our language school is that you can make friends with people from all over the world! In our classes there are students from all over the world and especially the common conversation in English outside of the classrooms promotes your English incredibly!

Lots of people enjoy watching movies or series, and most of them are actually from English speaking countries like the USA, the UK or Australia. If you have a better command of the English language, you can even watch these films and series in the original English language. And that makes the whole thing even better and more interesting, as a lot of things get lost when translating into other languages!

These are just a few reasons why learning English is good! Once you get started, the other reasons will be obvious to you!

So what are you waiting for Come to us at International House Newcastle and learn English in a place where you have the opportunity to improve your language skills and make friends for life!