What is superfluous

German-English translation for "überflußig"

"superfluous" English translation

  • extra, spare, surplus (all-attribute, enclosed | attributive use attr)
So in some cases, we can abolish totally the need for manual labor.
In some cases we can eliminate manual labor altogether.
The phrase is excessive, superfluous, absurd!
It's pompous, superfluous, and absurd.
This is no excuse for doing things which are actually superfluous.
It's not an excuse to do things that are actually unnecessary.
This will make minimum prices superfluous in future.
For this, the minimum prices will be superfluous in the future.
They are presented in a clearer way and unnecessary detail has been deleted.
They are now shown more clearly, superfluous details have been removed.
We have to protect our citizens from unnecessary noise.
We have to protect our citizens from unnecessary noise.
This could seem ridiculous, but it is not at all.
That may seem superfluous, but it is not.
Obviously it sees it as an unnecessary luxury.
He probably thinks this is a superfluous luxury.
Moreover, some sorts of knowledge can rapidly become redundant.
In addition, certain areas of knowledge can quickly become superfluous.
In my opinion, what is at issue here is an unnecessary impairment of public health.
In my opinion, this is an unnecessary threat to public health.
I cannot accept the second part of this amendment as it is in fact superfluous.
I cannot support the second part of the amendment, especially since it is superfluous.
The pursuit of market confidence would be superfluous.
Efforts to gain market confidence would be superfluous.
The term has rarely been used before, and seems to be redundant.
The term was rarely used before and seems redundant.
  • excess, excess (main form), excess
  • unnecessary, dispensable, dispensable
  • worthless, idle (go.), useless, dispensable (go.), fruitless, pointless, pointless, dispensable (go.), unnecessary, academic (go.), (yourself) superfluous, useless
  • pleonastic, multiple, abundant, double, redundant
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