Girls like to stay topless

Go "topless"

Pro +++

Who would have thought that! So now I belong to a species that is becoming extinct. "Topless" sunbathing is out, I gather from a brand new report from "Le Parisien". At least on the beaches of France, only those over 40 would bare their breasts. Aha! But this type of prudish cannot be new. For years I have observed that conservatism is spreading into the smallest niches of the so-called private. There is more marriage again, less (premarital) sex practiced and traditional gender roles are cemented. And now also chaste breast wrapping on the beaches.

But what is a certain trend scratching me ?! Because there is something more beautiful than breasts - the poor get too little air and light for a long time anyway - to let them swing freely and feel the sun, wind and water on your skin! No annoying top that slips while swimming and then sticks cold to the body. So the less fabric, the better.

Totally naked would be my favorite. But only in lonely bays. Because the meat inspection at the nudist and the greedy looks of some voyeurs disgust me! (raw)

--- Contra

Back in high school, when the only recognized social form was the clique system, the wheat was separated from the chaff with "topless": There was the group of hip bare-breasted people who presented themselves confidently in the blazing sun in the lido. And then there was the much larger remainder, which obviously got stuck and mostly rather light-shy settled on the edges of the outdoor pool.

Dealing with one's own body, it was simply shameful in puberty. And in the group of sufferers, no subjects were tolerated in the middle who gave the impression of simply feeling good in their own skin.

From today's perspective it is of course clear that the equation bare skin equals (sexual) self-confidence does not have to be right at all. What made the girls so attractive to the opposite sex at the time was the assumption that they knew more about themselves and their sexuality than the much more numerous veiled contemporaries.

What bothers me about "topless" is the sexual touch that it still has today: as a cultural practice that rubs against the degree of showing or concealing. But if you are looking for relaxation in nature and if possible without annoying clothes, you are much better off with nudism. Everyone is naked, everyone is the same, everyone takes care of themselves. "Topless" is at the other end of the flagpole. (like)